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Best Winter Hiking Pants 2023: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Hiking is a longer and more strenuous form of a walk. It is usually in the countryside amongst the great outdoors. Most of the time, the final destination of a hike is a spectacular view the hikers came for.

Most amateur hikers choose to hike in spring or autumn time. These are the most pleasant seasons with bearable weather conditions.

However, hiking in the winter has its own charm. Snow-capped mountains and frozen lakes attract a large number of avid hikers every year.

The clothes a hiker wears can make or break the hiking experience. Although there is no need for any fancy outerwear, it should be functional. It should serve a purpose and provide for a better experience overall.

Hiking in winter, especially, requires the outwear to provide warmth and stay dry. This review is about the best winter hiking pants you should consider.

Most of them are waterproof and weatherproof, which makes them an excellent option for winter hikes. They will be able to withstand harsh weather conditions like snow or rain.

During winters, rain and snow are two very unexpected factors. They should be researched and considered before buying outerwear.

It is also important to think about the terrain you will be hiking on. If it is filled with rocks or trees, you will need to maneuver through, and you will need pants with more mobility. Generally, winter hikes require more effort and a larger range of motion from the hiker.

We hope our review will help you in buying the best winter hiking pants. It is not as hard as you might think; just pay attention to the details.

Top 14 Best Winter Hiking Pants 2023

1. Gash Hao Snow Pants

Gash Hao Mens Snow Ski Waterproof Softshell Snowboard Pants Outdoor Hiking Fleece Lined Zipper Bottom Leg (Grey, 32x32)

The Gash Hao pants are one of the best winter hiking pants in the market. The company’s motto is to provide quality clothing at affordable prices. This pant is no different!

It has been made out of 95% polyester. The exterior of the pants comprises a special fabric. This fabric is waterproof, weatherproof, quick-drying, and insulated.

The bottom of each leg is lined with granule fleece to trap the body’s warmth. You will also find good-quality zippers at the end of each leg. This feature will easily allow you to zip up and tuck your pants in your boots.

The same zippers are used throughout the pants for pockets. They are sturdy and will not break even after consistent use.

The front and back pockets can hold small items. The side pockets are large-capacity and will be able to hold a lot more.

The waist of this pant has a pliable and stretchy elastic band. While climbing or moving around, the pants will not cause any nuisance. Since the elastic band is adjustable, it will not feel too tight and suffocating.

The soft-shell fabric used on the exterior has made the trouser weatherproof. Snow is unprecedented during winter hikes. They will be able to keep out the snow and keep the inside warm.

A unique feature of the pants is their protective knee films. It blocks any water and wind and keeps the knees protected.

Overall, these pants are great for any winter hikes or activities! They are versatile, durable, and moderately affordable.

2. BenBoy Hiking Pants

BenBoy Men's Snow Ski Outdoor Waterproof Windproof Fleece Cargo Hiking Pants,SF1602M-Army Green-XL

The BenBoy hiking pants will provide you the utmost quality. The materials used for them are 92% polyester and 8% spandex.

The spandex provides elasticity to the pants for swifter movements.

The pants are weatherproof, wind-resistant, and waterproof. Since spandex has been used in their making, you will not experience any piling up. The chances of them getting chaffed are minimal.

Good pants should have an ample amount of pockets. These pants provide a lot of space to store your belongings in. All these pockets have sturdy zippers to keep your things protected.

There is patchwork on the knees to keep them protected from the elements. The fleece lining inside will keep you dry and warm during the harsh winter hikes. The waistband is adjustable and won’t cause any hindrances.

Overall, they deliver very high-quality and style. You will find a lot of variety of colors and designs to choose from.

3. Singbring Snow Pants

Singbring Men's Outdoor Lightweight Quick Dry Waterproof Hiking Mountain Pants X-Large Gray(01B)

Winter hikes are more strenuous and require the hiker to have mobility. These pants provide just that at a great price! This is why they are some of the best cold-weather hiking pants.

They, too, have a mix of 92% polyester and 8% spandex. These pants are water-resistant, snow-resistant, and windproof. The spandex will ensure that the pants don’t pile up or get chaffed.

These pants will be able to withstand harsh temperatures because of their design. The inside is designed to have thick fleece to keep you warm, and the outside keeps you dry and protected from the wind.

There are multiple zipper pockets to store your things in. The waist is adjustable and will be able to move around with your body. It will not cause any tightness.

There is patchwork on the knees to keep them protected as well. It is breathable yet durable. The pants also come with a belt.

They deliver quality, utility, and affordability. This product makes for a great option below $35.

4. UNIONBAY Cargo Pants

These pants might not be able to survive through very tough hikes. You do not have to worry, though! They are great for easy to moderate winter hikes without harsh and unprecedented weather. They are made of 100% cotton, which makes them soft and breathable.

They will not cause any rashes or skin chafing. However, this same feature is the reason why they are not waterproof.

They have a button fly closure in the front. The opening in the bottom 18? makes for a comfortable experience. You can easily wash them in the machine. Also, a belt comes with them.

Overall, these pants are great for simpler winter hikes when it is just a bit chilly outside. They will not be able to withstand rain, snow, or wind. However, they are incredibly affordable and versatile.

5. Wrangler Authentics Fleece Pants

Wrangler Authentics Men's Fleece Lined Cargo Pant, Anthracite Twill, 32W X 34L

Wrangler is a big player in the clothing market. It is known for providing quality clothes at economical prices.

These cargo pants are a bit different than the other ones. They have linings with fleece on the inside. This feature makes them great for hikes in colder temperatures. However, it is essential to know that they are not waterproof.

The material used is 100% cotton. It is a great fabric., Paired with the fleece, it will be able to provide a lot more. The body heat will be trapped by the fleece and keep you warm.

The front has a button fly closure. You can wash them in the machine without any hassles.

On the whole, they are great for dry and cold hiking terrains. Since they are not waterproof or weatherproof, wearing them during snowy or rainy weather is not a good idea.

6. Toomett Hiking Pants

Womens Snow Pants Winter Waterproof Pants Outdoor Soft Shell Fleece Linded Cargo Ski Hiking Pants, Khaki XXXL 40

Toomett hiking pants are an excellent option for women. Although most hiking pants we have mentioned are unisex, these are specially designed for women.

These pants have distinct three-layer protection it provides?the surface layer comprises waterproof and breathable material. Also, the middle layer is a high-grade fiber fabric. The innermost layer is polar fleece.

Each layer works to keep you warm and dry throughout your hike. It can withstand snow, rain, and wind.

The waist has a stretchy elastic band, which gives the pants mobility. They have a slim-fit design that will flatter your body and look stylish. There is protective patchwork on the knee area to provide more utility.

All pockets have sturdy zippers. There is enough space for you to store your belongings. There are also special cargo pockets with zips in the thigh area.

The pants have a stereo cut lining and zip-fly closure system in the front. They are very durable and tear-resistant. The material also makes them windproof, which is why they are an ideal option for winter hikes.

Overall, these are some of the best cold-weather hiking pants. Their quality and economical price make them a customer favorite.

7. Clothin Softshell Pants

Clothin Men's Softshell Fleece-Lined Cargo Pants - Warm, Breathable, Water-Repellent, Wind-Resistantt-Insulated(Black,L)

The Clothin softshell pants are undoubtedly one of the best winter hiking pants on the market. The company’s mission is to provide high-grade outerwear for the outdoors.

The inside layer comprises an extremely soft micro-fleece material. This material will not only feel gentle on your skin but also keep you warm. It will also give a moisture-wicking performance.

The exterior of the pants comprises softshell polyester fabric. It is waterproof and snow repellent. It will cut the wind and keep the inner fleece lining warm. The exterior fabric is stretchable as well.

In total, there are six pockets in the pants. There are two side pockets and two back pockets with zippers. It has another two pockets with zips for your hands.

The waistband has an adjustable elastic. The designer recommends choosing a size up if you are in between two sizes.

Since the waistband is adjustable, it can be tightened to fit your waist.

These pants have a mid-range price. You can find a lot of color and design options to choose from. All in all, it is a great product.

8. Nonwe Windproof Pants

Nonwe Men's Warm Windproof Mountain Fleece Hiking Snow Pants Gray1 XL/34 Inseam

These softshell winter hiking pants are a favorite amongst customers. This is because of their quality fabrics and simple design.

They are made from a mix of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. The exterior has been treated and made to be waterproof and windproof. It will cut through the wind and keep the inside warm and dry.

The waist has a stretchy elastic band that will give you a comfortable experience. The inside has a soft to touch fleece lining to keep you warm. The fleece allows the user to wear these pants in harsh winters as well.

The front has a button closure mechanism. All the pockets are zippered and the zips used are high-grade. These pants are very durable and will not wear out quickly.

The best part of the pants is that one can wash them in the machine. They do not have any special washing instructions. A lot of hiking pants require hand wash only but not these!

9. Zoomhill Pro Hiking Pants

ZOOMHILL Mens Pro Hiking Stretch Pants Cargo Trouser Water-Resistant Tactical Outdoor Working Pants (Dearkes Spruce, S)

These ZOOMHILL pro hiking pants have some of the best feedback we have seen! Their utility and quality make their high-end rice worth it.

The pants have a Scandinavian design and a few unique features- one of them being a stretchable panel not only on the knees but also on the hips. It gives you a full range of movement during your hike. The pants will not stop you from making any move whatsoever!

It has a zipper closure in the front. At the bottom of each leg, there are elastic and button in adjustment options. You can tighten the opening by adjusting the tab and buttoning it.

You can adjust the waistband with a velcro system. You can tighten or loosen and stick the velcro.

Another unique feature is the ventilation zipper on each leg. In case it gets warm, you can open the zip to let some air in.

There are two large pockets with YKK brand zippers that are very durable. They provide a lot of space to store your things.

Overall, these pants are on the higher-end in price. However, with all the unique features they provide, every dollar spent becomes worth it! They will give you a lot of utility and options to customize.

10. Columbia Men’s Cargo Pants

Columbia Men’s Men's Silver Ridge Cargo Pant , Fossil, 36x30

Just like most of the best winter hiking pants, these are weatherproof as well. They can withstand harsh wind, snow, and rain. They are designed to be protective from the elements.

They have two very unique features. ‘Omni-Wick’ is a moisture management technology in the pants. It moves the moisture from the skin into the fabric. It spreads the moisture across the surface so that it can quickly get evaporated.

‘Omni-SHade’is another distinct feature. It blocks UVA and UVB rays from entering inside. The weave of the fabric is tight to ensure these rays are blocked. You will experience lesser sunburns and skin damage with these pants.

They are made of 100% nylon, which also makes for a quick and easy machine wash. It has a straight leg design to give the pants a great fit. They will provide a lot of comfort during your hike.

The front of the pants has a button closure. The waist has an adjustable belt with partial elastic. It has seven pockets! All of them are zippered and provide ample amounts of space.

Overall, these pants are just excellent! The price is very economical, as well. They have a lot of features that you will not find elsewhere. Another great thing is that they come in more than twenty-five colors.

11. The North Face Convertible Pants

The North Face is one of the most widely recognized outdoor clothing brands around the world. Their products are always built to last. These pants are n different.

These pants are actually cargo pants. Unlike other pats in this review, they do not have any fleece lining inside. They are also not weatherproof. These will work best during easy to moderate hikes without too many obstacles.

The feature that sets these pants apart from others is that they are convertible. You can convert them to cargo shorts by removing the bottom part. It is a great option to have on hikes in chilly weather.

After hiking a bit, sometimes the body heat gets too warm. You can convert these cargo shorts then. Their fit is very relaxed, so you will not have any problem doing so.

The waistband has an elastic band and a hook and loop closure mechanism as well. It can be adjusted to fit your waist.

The pockets are not as deep or spacious as other pants but can hold a decent amount of things.

Overall, these pants are a good option for chilly weather hikes. They probably will not be a great option for harsh-winter hikes.

12. Helikon-Tex Outdoor Pants

Helikon-Tex OTP Outdoor Tactical Pants, Outback Line Black Waist 34 Length 32

These Helikon-Tex outdoor pants are the most expensive ones in this review. However, the quality, features, and utility they provide will make money worth it!

They are made from a blend of 93% nylon and 7% spandex. You get to choose between two fabrics for your pants, VersaStretch and VersaStretch Lite. The latter one weighs less, and you won’t even realize it is there.

The fabric has a four-way elastic technology. This will give you comfort and mobility. You will be able to move freely and with a full range of motion without stressing the fabric. You will get around two inches to stretch.

The design of the pants will give you a slim yet stylish look. Here are a few color options to choose from as well. They provide extreme comfort and still look very smart.

The front has a zipper closure for ease of use. The materials used for the pants will wick the moisture from your skin. This will give you a more breathable and lightweight experience with the pants.

The design is pretty simple and low profile. This design makes the pants very versatile. You can wear them with a host of different outfits. They are also low profile to provide a tactical advantage.

On the whole, these pants are indeed one of the best winter hiking pants. They will give you a tactical advantage while hiking. The pockets, fabric, and design will add to your experience. They are an excellent investment if you are an avid hiker.

13. Helly-Hansen Hybrid Pant

These Helly-Hansen hybrid pants are specially designed for women to use. They have kept the pants simple yet effective.

The design has been kept simple to provide comfort and utility. The fabric is stretchable and will give you room to move around during your hike.

The pockets are camouflaged and are barely visible. They do still provide a lot of space to store your things. The zippers used for these pockets are sturdy and very high-quality.

The pants come in a two-color design. The blue and black theme looks sophisticated yet fun.

The waistband is elasticized and will be comfortable. You can adjust it according to your preferences.

Overall, these pants will last you a long time. All these great features make them some of the best cold-weather hiking pants.

14. Souke Sports Thermal Sweatpants

Souke Sports Men's Bike Cycling Pants Windproof Hiking Outdoor Winter Fleece Thermal Athletic Pants (Black, X-Large)

These pants are classified as sweatpants, but they provide all the things other tactical hiking pants do. They are made out of 100% polyester. There are three layers of this 100% polyester.

This makes them windproof and water-repellent. It will give you warmth, but because it is breathable, you will not overheat either.

The interior has a thin lining of thermal fleece. It is there to give you more heat during really harsh weather conditions.

They are treated to be water-resistant on the outside. It will keep you warm and dry in light rainy or snowy conditions. The breathable material will prevent overheating.

Moreover, there are ventilation-zips on the thighs to promote airflow. This way, you will be able to avoid excessive sweating during your hike.

A unique feature of these pants is their reflective trim. This reflective trim will shine in low light areas and make sure you are visible to others. The opening at the bottom of the pants has velcro to loosen the pants further. This way, you can remove the pats without removing your shoes.

The waistband has elastic to give comfort. All the pockets are zippered to protect your belongings. They will stretch over your knees to ensure you have full mobility. No part of the pants will restrict your movement.

They will give a snug fit. However, the pants are not heavy, so you will not even realize they are there. A lot of thought has gone into their design to make them very comfortable and satisfactory.

Overall, just like other best winter hiking pants, these have a lot of features. Simple yet effective design and quality make these an outstanding option for buying!

Factors To Consider While Buying Winter Hiking Pants

1. Price

When buying hiking pants, you will come across a whole range of prices. Very cheap hiking pants most probably will not be able to provide a lot of features or comfort. However, you do not need to spend a hefty amount either.

Before you buy your winter hiking pants, set a budget. This will be helpful, and you will be able to streamline the buying process.

Some of the best economical options are Sinbring snow pants and Columbia men’s cargo pants. If your budget is mid-range, you can try BenBoy hiking pants and Gash Hao snow pants.

If you do not mind spending a little extra to invest in an absolutely excellent product, you should try Helikon-Tex and ZOOMHILL hiking pants.

All of the pants we have mentioned above are of great quality and durable. Some have added features, but of course, those come for an added price.

Another thing to consider in terms of price is how many times you will use the pant. If you are looking for longer-lasting options to use over and over again, you should consider higher-end pants. They will be a lot more durable than others.

However, if you are looking for something to wear occasionally, you can choose pants in the mid-range or lower range. They will provide basic features and good quality.

2. Quality Of Materials Used

A significant factor to consider while buying hiking pants is the quality of the materials used. There is a misconception that the best quality can only be purchased at the highest price.

A lot of the options we have mentioned in our review prove this wrong. All of them are of good quality with durable fabrics.

While you are browsing options, take into account the blend of fabrics used. If there is a blend of two or more, you are more likely to get multiple functions. Sometimes the brands mention where they source their fabrics from; this can be great information to analyze.

3. Pocket Space

While hiking, there are a few small things you will most probably carry in your hands. A compass, phone, wallet, etc., are some examples. To make your hike hassle-free, you should look for pants that have a lot of pocket space.

Depending on the things you will be carrying, you can choose between two types of pants – pants with large pockets that are less in number or pants with small pockets that are more in number.

There are a few tactical pants that will provide the best of both worlds and give you more large pockets.

4. Ability To Withstand Weather

One of the most important factors to consider while buying hiking pants is their ability to withstand the weather.

Generally, it is better to have hiking pants that are waterproof, weatherproof, and windproof. These will keep you protected from most of the elements.

They should be able to cut through the wind to ensure the warmth is not lost. Since the pants we mentioned above are the best winter hiking pants, they all provide these features.

Another thing to consider here is how cold it will get on your hike. If it is moderately chilly, you can go for cargo pants. But if it snows or the area is known for unexpected rainfall, the pants will need to be weatherproofed.

If you expect your hike to get extremely cold, you should also consider buying pants with a fleece lining inside. The fleece lining will keep you warm and ensure that your legs do not get chafed.

Best Winter Hiking Pants – Conclusion

Hiking is a fantastic way to enjoy and exercise at the same time. Unlike many other sports or exercises, it does not require a lot of professional equipment. Similarly, it does not need very fancy outerwear either.

While hiking in the winter has its charm, and you will get to see some fantastic views. It also has its cons in the form of your clothes. You will need outerwear that will provide comfort, warmth, and functionality at the same time.

We have included the best winter hiking pants that are in the market right now. They are comfortable to wear, keep you warm, and give you the mobility to move around freely.

Not all of them are waterproof or weatherproof, but they all serve the basic purpose, functionality. The weatherproof ones will give you an even better experience during your hike. You will be able to keep going in the harshest of conditions and weather.

To conclude, finding the best cold-weather pants is not as hard as you might think! We suggest writing down the features you absolutely want and some that you can compromise on. This will narrow down your options. Having a budget will further streamline the process.

We hope this review helped you. Enjoy the view up there!

FAQs on Winter Hiking Pants

Q1. Do I Need To Spend A Lot To Get Good Quality Pants?

Definitely not! Most of the pants we have reviewed here are affordable yet outstanding quality. They will provide all the necessary features you would expect them to.

Yes, some are really high end. These should be considered only if you are a frequent winter hiker. They will serve as a great investment and last you a long time.

Q2. My Size Is In Between Two Sizes. Which One Should I Buy?

The size you should go for will depend mainly on the sizes of the brand. A lot of the time, brands will have different sizes and dimensions. A medium might be slightly larger or smaller from brand to brand.

A lot of the brands recommend going one size up if you are in between two sizes. This is most probably because the garment can be adjusted.

Q3. Can I Return The Pants If They Do Not Fit Me?

This will again depend primarily on the brand you are purchasing from. If they have a return policy, you can go ahead and return or exchange your pants.

Something to note here is that most hiking pants will have an adjustable waistband. If it is a little big or small, you can use the adjustable bands to fit your waist. Some of the pants also have a velcro tab to adjust the openings in the bottom.

So you might not even need to return it! You can just realign and enjoy your pants.