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Best Hiking Boots For Wide Feet 2023: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the best hiking boots and worried about your wide feet? Don?t worry at all. To provide you with the utmost comfort and ease while hiking, here is our guide to the best hiking boot for wide feet.

Our guide has all the top-ranked boots from the adventure world and the essential knowledge you should have before buying a pair for you. These boots will not let you suffer from painful blisters and make your trips memorable.

Besides that, you will also learn about the required maintenance and the right treatment of your boots. The methods described in our guide will help you in adding life and durability to your shoes.

So first of all, let?s have a look at the best hiking shoes for wide feet.

Hiking boots come in various varieties such as all leather, leather and foam mix, artificial leather, and so on. After considering all the relevant factors, crucial features, and reviews, here is the list of the best hiking boots for wide feet.

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Top 16 Best Hiking Boots For Wide Feet 2023

1. New Balance Men’s 1400 V1

New Balance Men's 1400 V1 Walking Shoe, Dark Brown/Dark Brown, 13 XXW US

The first product on our list is New Balance?s 1400V1. It is one of the most favorite shoes of hikers worldwide and has a long list of positive reviews from users.

The characteristic that sets it apart from the rest of the boots is the superb comfort experienced by hikers. This pair of shoes give you lots of foot support, and you can wear them almost every day.

These boots are made entirely from leather and have a sturdy rubber sole. Plus, they have a compression-molded EVA midsole for cushioning. Its lightweight nature and strong build protects your feet, especially your toes, from unwanted hurt and blisters.

The shoes have a Thinsulate lining for warmth, breathability and a waterproof upper layer to provide dryness and comfort. They are going to protect your feet from all types of mess and keep your feet warm during winters. Besides that, the shaft measures a low-top from the arch and adds extra comfort to you.

In a nutshell, they offer excellent features and support in the relative price-range. However, if you want to go for more durable boots, you can always go for the more expensive varieties.

2. Clorts Women’s Hiker Boot

Clorts Women’s Hiking Camping Boots Waterproof Breathable High-Traction Grip Backpacking Hiker Shoes HKM-822B US 9 Grey

The next shoes are Clorts Women?s Hiking Boots that are specially made for women hikers, and you can also call them the best hiking boots for wide feet women on the list.

They are made of high-quality leather with a 30% soft air-mesh material. It makes the boots highly lightweight and high-quality amalgam of sturdiness and comfort.

The boot has a breathable membrane of Uneebtex that would let your feet feel fresh during the hot climatic conditions. Their insole, made with ActiFresh sanitizing material, makes sure that your feet stay healthy and soft. The midsole of the boots is made of EVA that gives extra softness and comfort to you while you walk or jump during trails.

Besides that, the shoes are waterproof as well. Their waterproof membranes seal out rain, puddles, or any other unwanted liquid from entering inside your shows. Plus, they have an innovative design to give you extra stability on any type of challenging trails.

Apart from that, they have several smart features to add extra brownie points, such as a protective toe cap and removable sock liner cushioning.

Lastly, they are ready out of the box and don?t need time to break-in. Women hikers can use them on a muddy, rocky, or any kind of rugged terrain for any purpose like camping, trekking, or a short backpacking trip.

3. Salomon Men’s X Ultra 3 Mid GTX Hiking

Salomon mens X Ultra 3 Mid Gtx Hiking, Black/India Ink/Monument, 10.5 US

If you are looking for a powerful performer on the list, then Salomon?s X Ultra Mid 3 GTX is the perfect product for you. This boot is undoubtedly ideal for light trails, long-distance hikes, and if you want to shed extra weight while trekking, it will most definitely be a match for you.

The shoe perfectly wraps itself around your foot and ankle and offers padded comfort. One feature that most hikers desire in a good pair of shoes is enough room and protection for toes. These Ultra 3 Mid GTX give your toes adequate space and protect them with its thick rubber cap on the end.

The most desirable quality about this shoe is its highly lightweight mid-top shoe (2.28 pounds for US men?s size 11), and you won?t feel any weight on your feet. With these boots, you can cover longer distances within a short period.

Its other brilliant feature is the desired traction. It provides you with extra stability on tough terrains and gives better motion control and balance.

It is resistant to water, mud, or snow and would keep your feet dry and warm. Plus, its breathable material also keeps your feet healthy and moisture-free.

One bonus feature – You get a 2-year warranty with this shoe!

To conclude, it is undoubtedly one of the best hiking boots for wide feet, and we recommend it to you if you are looking for an extra lightweight, high-performing, good value, and comfortable pair of shoes.

4. Lowa Women’s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot

Lowa Women's Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot,Stone,9.5 M US

Lowa Women?s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot is a mid-weight shoe that has won several awards and has been a top-ranked item in many adventure magazines. It is an all-time favorite boot of women hikers. The reasons? There are more than enough!

First of all, it is made entirely of leather and is handcrafted in Slovakia. It goes through a strict manufacturing procedure that makes it highly sturdy and ideal for challenging trails and rugged terrains. Although it is not an extremely lightweight boot, it is most definitely one of the toughest and durable ones.

It uses a unique Durby Cut lacing system that perfectly wraps the boot around your foot and ankle. Plus, they come in various sizes, widths, colors, and styles so that you can get the best one for you.

It is a tall, designed boot that has a commendable ankle height and naturally protects your feet from groundwater. Its upper body is made of Nubuck leather and is highly water-resistant as well. Plus, its efficient lacing system keeps the boot fit and locks the heels in place.

These boots prove to be an excellent blend of desired stability and comfort during hikes. The external polyurethane mono wrap technology gives them exceptional support and stability even on the loose tracks.

They might look a bit expensive at first, but undoubtedly, they are going to be your worthiest investment. The boots will last for years and become your favorite travel companions. If you are a travel enthusiast, we highly recommend you to invest in these pairs of shoes.

5. Keen Koven Mid Women’s Walking Boots – SS15

If you prefer a sporty and comfortable look to a rough and tough one and have wide feet, then Keen Koven has the ideal shoes for you. These shoes are praised by customers with wide feet and are available for women and men.

These shoes are made after combining sturdy leather and soft air-mesh fiber. The leather gives the essential strength and waterproof nature to the shoes, whereas the air-mesh provides the required breathability. Plus, an additional waterproof membrane keeps your feet dry and safe.

Regarding the comfort of the shoes, you do not need to worry about the difficult break-in period and blisters. These shoes are highly comfortable and do not require breaking in. Plus, a removable EVA footbed gives additional arch support and comfort.

They have a lace loop on the heel and have stretchable laces that make them super easy to put on or take off.

However, there is no real ankle support in the shoes. Hence, if you prefer less-ankle shoes, they are the best for you. Plus, there is no insulating in these shoes that makes them perfect for the summer heat.

Thus, our final verdict is that these shoes are ideal for hiking, outdoor activities, and medium to rough terrains. For extra challenging terrains with heavy rivers or snow during winter, you might have to go for another pair. Rest, they offer an excellent performance according to their price.

6. Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boot

Merrell Men's Moab 2 Vent Mid Hiking Boot, Walnut, 11 M US

If you?re not willing to invest a considerable sum in a pair of hiking boots and want a comfortable pair for your feet, then Merrell?s Moab Ventilator is the perfect option for you. Their wide version is undoubtedly one of the best hiking shoes for wide feeton a budget.

These lightweight shoes provide you a comfortable walking experience in rough terrains, preferably in a desert or dry region. For that purpose, they have exceptional breathability. However, they do not have a waterproof layering.

They have a flexible sole that provides excellent comfort and room for your feet and toes. These mid-to boots have a well-padded ankle collar that makes it effectively wrap around the foot and gives excellent support.

Its outer material is made of suede and mesh that relieves you from unwanted break-in period and reduces unwanted weight. Hence, it is a preferable item for long trails.

To conclude, it is much better for lightweight day hiking than heavyweight hikes in rough terrains. They are much preferable for deserts or sands than muddy or snowy terrain.

Hence, if you need a pair of affordable lightweight shoes and do not seek waterproof features, they are the right boots for you.

7. Salomon Men’s Authentic LTR GTX

Salomon Men's Authentic Leather & GORE-TEX Backpacking Boots, Black Coffee/Chocolate Brown/Vintage Kaki, 9.5 M US

Salomon has been producing protective gear since 1947, and this Authentic LTR GTX is another premium product from a reliable brand.

These shoes are made from top-quality leather and are the robust kind of boots you always prefer on rough tracks. Along with a sturdy and durable but, they have a classic hiking boot look that makes them look exceptionally great.

Their internal SensiFit system wraps the boot around your feet and ankle and gives you the required stability. They keep the back of your feet comfortable and give you additional balance. Besides that, a full Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable cover makes them adequate for any type of weather and climatic conditions.

Salomon?s shoes have their specialized chassis technology that makes their boots highly stable, balanced, and fit. Plus, a high traction Contagrip sole offers an additional grip to your feet on all types of terrains.

8. Vasque Men’s Breeze 2.0 Gore-Tex Waterproof Hiking Boot

Vasque Men's Breeze 2.0 Gore-Tex Waterproof Hiking Boot, Slate Brown/Russet Orange,8.5 M US

If you are looking for a lightweight and highly breathable pair of shoes, then you can certainly go for Vasque?s Breeze 2.0.

The shoes are highly recommended for the unparalleled breathability and a highly comfortable midweight body. They would help you in walking fast through rough terrains, and if you are a light backpacker, they will become your favorite.

The leather and mesh combination perfectly fits around your foot and gives you an unmatched comfort while trailing. They are comfortable out of the box and do not need much breaking in time. Plus, they become very comfortable after a few days of use.

Their midweight body gives you extra stability to your ankle than other lightweight shoes. They are ideal for day hikes and perform their best in mud and loose gravel terrains.

Lastly, as there is a mention of Gore-Tex in the name, you already know that these shoes are going to be breathable and waterproof at the same time. They are made with Gore-Tex material and would keep your feet dry and safe.

However, for warm seasons, you can go for the non-waterproof version of this boot. The use of extra mesh on the upper side reduces the weight but affects the durability. Nevertheless, for their price range, they are undoubtedly one of the best.

9. Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Timberland White Ledge Men's Waterproof Boot,Dark Brown,10.5 M US

The next product on our list is Timberland?s Men?s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot. If you love all-leather shoes and looking for an economical option in the leather variety, it is your go-to option. In an accessible price range, it gives you the feel of a boot made entirely of leather.

For a full-leather boot, it is a bit lightweight and comfortable for occasional hiking, daily use, or works such as gardening, farming, etc. Its thick ankle padding and soft upper tongue add extra brownie points to its comfort levels.

The shoes do not have any waterproof lining and hence, are quite breathable for a leather boot. They provide you with a solid base, and padded ankles add outstanding stability to your ankle on any kind of terrain. Plus, they perform great in any wet terrain and give you the essential balance and traction.

However, you don?t need to leave them for not having a waterproof layer. The upper layer of leather of the shoes also works as a water-resistant layer and keeps your feet surprisingly dry without any additional waterproof layer. You do not have to worry about puddles, wet surfaces, or wet grass.

To conclude, it is an effective and powerful shoe in the given price range. Because of its leather material, it is ideal for daily usage or any tough work. However, if you are looking for a highly durable shoe, specially prepared for hiking purposes, you may consider other expensive variants.

10. Northside Men’s Apex Mid Hiker Leather Waterproof Hiking Boot

Northside Men's Apex Mid Hiking Boot, Brown, 13 2E US

Northside?s Apex Mid Hiker Leather Waterproof Hiking Boot is another highly economical option on our list that would leave you surprised with its brilliant features.

The shoes are made entirely of leather and have a synthetic sole. The removable and washable EVA insole provides exceptional comfort to your feet while walking. Plus, the durable rubber outsole gives additional shock resistance and abrasion resistance to these boots.

Its most incredible feature is the effective waterproof layering. It won?t let water touch your feet even after you cross streams of water, forget to worry about wet grass or moist terrain.

Next, it is a comfortable shoe that you can use for everyday work. Unlike various hiking boots, these boots are true to their size and fit great on the ankle and sole. Besides that, they need the least time to break in and become soft and comfy after some usage.

To conclude, you can most definitely give these boots a try if you love leather boots and looking for an economical option.

11. Orthofeet Proven Plantar Fasciitis Foot Pain Relief Boots

Orthofeet Proven Plantar Fasciitis Foot Pain Relief Boots. Extended Widths Orthopedic Diabetic Women's High Top Shoes Delta Boots Brown

The next product on our list is not just one of the best hiking boots for wide feet people, but it is also one of the most comfortable shoes for people with Plantar Fasciitis (policeman?s heel).

If you have any kind of heel pain, arthritis, diabetes, or any other medical condition where you need a special and comfortable pair of shoes, these are the best for you.

The brand boasts of a 60-days boot test where you can wear it for 60 days and return it if you still find it unworthy! That?s the level of belief that this shoe is made with.

These shoes are specially designed and proven to offer comfort and relief to men or women with Plantar Fasciitis or any kind of foot pain. They have anatomical arch support that lessens the foot pain and simultaneously improves leg alignment.

The shoes have a soft, lightweight air-mesh cushion sole that is designed in accord with the ergonomic-stride system. Their wide toe box also gives required freedom to your toes and avoids any kind of discomfort. One remarkable feature is the extra depth on the forefoot that reduces the pressure on the feet and lessens the overall pain.

Besides that, their sole flat with excellent ankle support makes them ideal for casual use. On top of that, these boots have an attractive high-top style chassis that looks incredible.

So, if you have sensitive feet, flat feet, diabetes, or arthritis, these are the ideal orthopedic shoes for you. And when the brand promises a sixty-day trial test with a full money-back guarantee, what can you expect but perfection!

12. Mishansha Winter Ankle Snow Hiking Boots

Mishansha Men Hiking Boots Waterproof Women Hiking Shoes Slip Resistant Work Boots Outdoor Boots Trekking Boot Walking Boots Causual Boots Black

Mishansha?s Winter Ankle Snow Hiking Boots are one of the most affordable and good looking shoes on our list. Their exclusive high top design and robust leather look make them an instant favorite of boot lovers.

They are made of artificial leather (cruelty-free PU leather) and have solid grips and non-slip soles. They are an ideal protective and fashion accessory that you can use for regular work, snowy trails, or cold winter walks. You can also use them for skiing, hiking, camping, vacation, travel, or just some regular work during winters.

Their interior has warm faux fur that makes your feet warm and comfy during the cold season. They offer enough room to your feet and are not very heavy as well. The elastic lacing system gives them a perfect for and wraps the boot comfortably with your foot.

The shoes have a water-resistant layer and anti-collision toe cap that protect your feet from water or any impact. Plus, an EVA midsole and anti-skid TPR outsole give extra cushion support and traction to them.

Lastly, they come in a wide range of colors such as khaki, pink, black and brown, ideal for men and women. For their fashionable look, you can use them or gift them to your loved ones as well.

13. Columbia Women’s Redmond V2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Columbia Women's Redmond V2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot Shoe, Steam/Daredevil, 10

Columbia is a reliable name in the shoe world. The brand has been producing excellent quality boots for more than seventy years and this Redmond V2 mid waterproof hiking boot is another outstanding product of the brand!

These boots are an ideal blend of low weight, high comfort, and maximum affordability. Their extremely lightweight body is perfect for light backpacking and less rough trails. Plus, they are not highly waterproof and are perfect for dry environments such as desserts.

The most attractive quality of these boots is their easy-to-break-in design and lots of cushioning. Their Techlight lightweight midsole provides them with plenty of cushioning, and the shoes feel extremely comfortable on your feet.

Besides that, they are combined after mixing suede leather, mesh, and webbing in the upper part. It makes the boots highly breathable, and you can easily mold them to any foot shape. Apart from that, they have great traction on loose dirt and gravel as well.

However, they are lightweight and lack some support points. The shoes have a soft and flexible toe that is helpful for shorter tracks, but if you are going on rough terrain and long hikes, you may need some more supportive boots.

In addition to that, they are highly breathable and thus sacrifice in waterproofing. However, the shoes have an Omni-Tech membrane that would protect your feet from light rain or minor splashes. Therefore, they are better for dry regions.

Lastly, for their price, they are one of the best men?s hiking boots for wide feet. They are highly recommended to you if you like to have some soft, comfy pair in the low price range.

14. Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus Ii Waterproof Hiking Boot

Columbia mens Newton Ridge Plus Ii Waterproof Boot Hiking Shoe, Cordovan/Squash, 9.5 US

A single word that describes Columbia Men?s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof hiking boot is – PERFECT! It is one of the best hiking boots for wide feet and is an unparalleled blend of all the features that you look into a boot.

They are made of PU coated leather, suede, and mesh uppers and have a waterproof and seam-sealed body. These materials combine to form a full-supportive pair of shoes that keep your feet warm and fresh. Plus, they have a D-caps lace system that keeps them wrapped to your feet up to ankles.

Another supportive feature is the toe protection on the front part and a rubber cap on the rear portion. These supports will protect your feet from any kind of damage or injury during rugged walks.

They have full-length Techlite midsoles that offer great cushioning and shock absorption capabilities to these boots. Besides that, their Omni-Grip traction and rubber compound outsole provides the essential traction and balance to them. They are quite ideal for all types of terrains, and you can, without a doubt, use them on your next trip.

All these features boost the versatility and usefulness of these boots. We highly recommend them to you if you are looking for a great performer on the list.

15. Propét Men’s Cliff Medicare A5500 Diabetic Shoe Hiking Boot

PropÃt mens Cliff Walker Medicare/Hcpcs Code A5500 Diabetic Shoe Hiking Boot, Black, 9.5 3X-Wide US

Propet?s Men’s Cliff Walker is a 100% leather boot specially designed for providing extra comfort to diabetic people. If you are a hiker and require extra care of your feet and health, then this pair is exactly what you need.

The boots are made entirely of leather and flaunt a powerful all-leather look. The leather layers also provide waterproof layering to the shoes and make them ideal for every situation.

The characteristic that sets them apart is that they are designed to feel highly comfortable on your feet and have extra layers of cushioning than any other shoe. Their cushion layers protect your feet from impact and keep them warm during any cold trail.

Its padded collar, tongue, and nylon mesh lining add extra softness and comfort to the design. Plus, an external and internal heel counter with an EVA midsole also adds the required cushioning to the shoes.

Lastly, its innovative self-cleaning sole design would help you a lot in mucky trails.

16. Salomon Men’s Quest 4d 3 GTX Backpacking Boots

Salomon Men's Quest 4D 3 GTX Backpacking Boots, Wren/Bungee Cord/Green Sulphur, 11.5

We end our list with this superpowerful boot – The Salomon Men?s Quest 4D 3GTX. It is undoubtedly the most robust and top-ranked performer on the list, and if you are an adventurer, chances are you already know about this superhuman boot.

It is one of the top choices of adventure seekers around the globe, and its exceptional features are the reason behind it.

So, first of all, it is a high performing boot that is made for all types of rough terrains and is comfortable and supportive all the way. Its upgraded Contagrip sole offers outstanding traction and stability, and a 4D advanced chassis provides unmatched support to your feet.

It is one of the most breathable boots as well. The upper layer of nylon with Gore-Tex liner and the Ortholite insert gives it excellent breathability. Surprisingly, it offers unparalleled water-resistance as well.

It is highly stable, and you can jump over any terrain or hike faster on muddy trails. The Contragrip sole, torsional stability, and extreme comfort are some other points that make it undoubtedly one of the best hiking boots for wide feet or normal feet.

It gives you the desired feel right out of the box and needs no break-in time. Its raised heel design would help you a lot while covering long distances. Plus, an innovative lacing system allows the boot to fit your foot and don?t let the laces pop out unnecessarily.

However, the single con that you might feel if you prefer a highly lightweight boot, these pairs are slightly heavier than the rest of the shoes. Nevertheless, if you like an aggressive and powerful hiking boot for heavy backpacking, this is your boot.

Lastly, it is quite an investment but worth making. If you love adventures, this is your boot. You can use these boots on snow, mud, wet rocks, or any rough terrain. It will stay locked with the ground and won?t disappoint you.

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best Hiking Boot For Wide Feet

Hiking boots are apparently more than regular footwear. They are your adventure-partners, and you have to rely on them for your safety and well-being during unexpected hikes and natural conditions. Hence, you must take a lot of care before buying a pair of hiking boots.

Hiking boots are a valuable investment, and there are a lot of crucial factors that you must consider before spending on a pair. To help you out, here is a list of the most important factors –

1. Choose Your Boots According To Your Hike

If you are looking for the best pair of adventure boots, the very first important aspect is- Your Hike.

Before everything else, ask yourself some basic questions to know what kind of boots do you exactly need. What type of terrain will you be going to, what will be your luggage, and what is the length of the hike and your pace.

For easy trails such as valleys, plain regions, you need lightweight and flexible boots that give you ease and pace while walking. For rough terrains like mountains or unstable rocks, you need a stable and protective pair with reinforcements such as toe protection and a sturdy outsole.

Next, if you carry a light backpack or go for a short hike or an easy trail, you can go for lightweight and flexible hiking boots. But if you are carrying a heavy bag with a tent or stoves, then you should opt for a sturdy and robust pair.

Lastly, it depends on YOU. If you are a beginner at hiking, but you have been hiking regularly and haven?t faced any major injury yet, you can go for low cut and lightweight shoes.

However, if you are an experienced hiker and have suffered from a broken ankle, then you should give extra stability and care to your foot. We recommended you to have stable, high-cut shoes for additional support.

2. Comfort

Now, let?s discuss the qualities of boots. The first thing that you should notice in any pair of shoes is – comfort. No matter what brand it is, how expensive or durable it is, if it does not give you comfort while walking, it is useless!

A comfortable shoe should wrap itself around your feet as if it is made for you only and give your toes enough freedom. It should also provide you ample cushioning so that your ankles and knees do not feel the shock during a rough trail or hiking.

The comfort of a boot is also decided by its stability, weight, and other smart features.

Plus, always keep in mind that it is not necessary that a lightweight shoe will always make you feel good. A slightly heavier boot with a streamlined body and well cushioning will give you more comfort than a clunky light mess.

So first of all, try a shoe and check your comfort level. Although most of the boots become comfortable after you break them in, you can always feel a basic comfort while trying for the first time.

The advanced shoes do not take time to break in and are ready just out of the box. However, you should never take a new shoe to a rough terrain without breaking them in. Else, your trip would end with a hell of blisters, rashes, and pain.

3. Support And Traction

After checking comfort, the next features that you should focus on are support and traction.

The most suitable boot for you would be the one that gives enough ankle and foot support to you. A good hiking boot keeps your foot locked down and safe in the heel area. Hence, the fit of a shoe is a mandatory criterion.

For great support, you also need an easy and efficient lacing system. Stretchable laces that have an efficient system make the boot fully combined into your foot and are the best ones.

After you’re sure that the shoes fit into your feet and give you utter comfort while walking, the next feature of the right hiking shoe is the traction. You can never call a boot a good one if it slips on muddy, snowy, or wet terrains.

For safe hiking on rough terrains, you need boots with exceptionally good traction. For that purpose, good boots are provided with efficiently designed soles and chassis.

4. Weight And Durability

The next two factors that you must look into while buying a pair of hiking boots are the weight and durability resulting from the sturdiness of that pair.

We have placed both these factors together because most of the time, these two characteristics are inversely related to each other. When you go for a lightweight shoe, always make sure that it has a sturdy build and the material used is of optimum quality.

Hiking boots are generally made waterproof by increasing the mesh-fiber percentage and reducing the leather content. This process makes the boot lightweight and somewhere compromises strength and durability. However, certain brands use good quality fiber to keep durability high.

A lightweight shoe helps you in fast trailing and gives you great comfort and speed while walking. If you are a light backpacker and like to cover long distances during your hikes, lightweight shoes are ideal for you. However, if you are a heavy backpacker and carry lots of luggage with you, solid leather boots would be the most suitable for you.

According to boots designers, a good pair of boots should allow you to walk three to five hundred miles before they become ineffective. It also depends on the type of terrain and the weight you carry. So, if you are an average hiker and convert the distance into years, it roughly means three to five years.

5. Water Resistance And Breathability

Just like weight and durability, these two factors are also proportional to each other.

When you are traveling, you would definitely cross rivers, snow, streams, and rain and must come in contact with water. Under those conditions, you definitely won?t prefer your feet to get wet or have water enter inside your boots.

At such moments, you would need high-quality water-resistant boots. To provide waterproofing to the shoes, manufacturers add a special waterproofing layer to them. This layer does not let water enter inside your shoes.

Simultaneously, this layer does not let the inner skin breathe and keep your feet extra warm and sweaty. At such times, the breathability of the boots is the factor that comes into play. Breathable fiber on the top layer of the shoes have small pores and give essential ventilation to your feet.

So, if you need a highly breathable shoe or a super water-resistant one, it depends on your hiking adventure zone. If you mostly go to warm or hot areas, such as deserts, then you would most certainly need a breathable booth that won?t let your feet become sweaty or swollen.

Similarly, if you go to wet or snowy terrain, you?re going to need a waterproof boot.

6. Price

Now comes the most important factor – price.

Hiking boots come from an affordable price range to sturdy and durable, expensive ones.

If you don’t want to invest a lot in boots or are not sure about your future hiking plans, you should invest in a medium-range boot. It would last for a while, give you great features, and if you are sure about your future adventures, you can go for an expensive one.

Cheap or inexpensive boots are also a great option if you want a versatile boot that you can wear for walks, outdoor activities, or even add to your wardrobe collection. They offer a slightly more versatile look than the expensive and specifically hiking boots, which are designed for rugged performance during adventures.

However, if you are an experienced hiker and looking for a long-term partner, then you should invest in a perfect pair of shoes. They might look a bit expensive right now, but they offer outstanding features and would last long with you.

7. Other Factors

With the above given crucial factors, there are some other essential factors that you must consider before making the purchase.

a. Protective Measures

Rough terrains demand shoes with protective reinforcements, or else the natural conditions will break your feet (quite literally)!

The shoes are provided with toe guards, toe caps, ankle, and underfoot reinforcements to protect hikers from such natural obstacles. Plus, if you are going for rocky terrain, you should go for a shoe with a solid rock shield installed to it.

b. Lacing Mechanism

As already mentioned, shoelaces are a crucial part of any good pair of hiking boots. If you are an experienced hiker, you already know what the role of a lacing mechanism is.

Bad laces are the ones that do not fix your heel with the toe and, secondly, lose the fit after walking for a few miles. A good lacing system would be the one that just makes the shoe one with your foot and doesn’t loosen it after walking miles and miles.

c. Style

When the world has started looking for style and color variants in face masks, hiking shoes need to have a great style. After all, you?re going to invest hundreds of bucks in them!

Style features are all about your personal choice. Among several colors and design variants, such as leather, artificial leather, mesh, sporty looks, you can choose the one that matches your style.

Recently, brands have started manufacturing stylish hiking boots in different color variants other than classic black or brown. Now you can also choose your shoes from a range of color variants, including pink, yellow, green, or red.

A stylish boot would be extra beneficial to you as it would suit any kind of occasion other than adventure. You can use a good-looking hiking boot for walks, regular jobs, taking your dog out, or anything else! Style just elevates the versatility factor of boots.

How Will You Take Care Of Your Hiking Boots?

Now that you have got an exclusive pair of hiking boots, you?ve used them on your latest adventure, and they performed better than your expectation. Now what?

Now comes the most critical part of the process, i.e., the maintenance of boots.

Just like any other shoe or boot, hiking boots require maintenance. They are meant to sustain rough trails, tough terrains. Thus you need to give extra care to them and invest quality time and methods in their maintenance.

Here are some simple tips and tricks that you can follow to maintain your hiking boots and add years to their lives –

1. Break In The Boots Slowly

So you got a new pair of hiking shoes, and they are a bit stiff? Alright! It simply means that they need some time to adjust to your foot. Now, don’t go breaking them literally! Never try anything to make your shoe adjustable after just getting them out of the box.

Instead, go for short walks. Break-in them after walking in them. Wear them for some time while you clean your lawn or take your dog out for a walk. They might hurt a bit for a while, but they will eventually take shape according to your feet. Plus, it would protect your feet from undesired hurt while trekking or hiking.

Even if your shoes are of excellent quality and don?t need much time to break in, spend time with them before going on an adventure. Have short walks so that they adjust according to your foot and become comfortable.

2. Always Clean Them After Your Trip

Whenever you come back from a trip or take a break from traveling, never forget to clean your boots.

Your boots get a lot of dirt and mud while traveling. The soil then dries on your shoes, sucks the waterproofing layer, and soaks into it. It damages the leather and the nylon on the boots.

As soon as you can, clean all the mud or dirt from them. Use a water-based formula for cleaning your boots instead of regular dishwashing soap or mild soap. The chemicals in these soaps attract more dirt than cleaning.

Use a good quality shoe cleaner and clean.

If your boots are soaked, then always make sure that you dry them slowly. Fast-drying can kill the leather of your shoes. It shrinks it and pulls it away from the fabric. So put them in newspapers if you can, and dry them slowly.

3. Never Leave Your Boots In A Cold Place

Keeping the shoes in cool places such as the garage or inside your trunk after usage is going to kill their soles and reduce their life.

It is because once you heat the glue of the show while you’re hiking and leave them in a cold place after returning, the little cracks in them will dry out and break the sole.

So keep them in a room-temperature space, preferably a closet.

4. Take Them Out Once In A While

So you came from a hike and kept your boots safely for the next trip. Is that going to increase their lives? NO!

Once in a while, such as once in a month, take your boots out, go out for a walk, clean them, put them back.

It would keep them flexible and pliable, and who knows, you might find them perfect for a nearby occasion!

5. Condition Your Leather Boots

Leather boots are a constant-favorite of hikers and shoe-lovers. Their unmatched charisma and masculine look make them essential in your wardrobe and your travel itinerary. However, the more stylish and functional they are, the more care they demand from you.

If you have full leather boots, never forget to condition them at least twice a year. It would make them soft and pliable.

Dryness and being left unconditioned for a long time may become kryptonite for your leather boots. So first of all, remove all the dirt off your shoes by rubbing them with a dry-rag. Next, apply the leather conditioner on the boot?s whole surface, including the hidden tongue area.

Lastly, you can also apply a polish (not necessary though after a conditioner) on your boots. It will add extra smoothness and shine to your shoes. These steps will add years to your shoes? life and also add ?life? to your otherwise lifeless boots.

6. Treat Your Boot With Waterproof Membranes

To keep your shoes waterproof for a longer period, make sure that you add waterproof membranes to them. Most of the shoes generally come with waterproof layers, but after a while, you should manually add layers to keep them water-resistant for a longer time.

Different materials need different layerings to stay waterproof. For example – Leather boots need wax-based products, or fabrics require silicone-based sprays.

While you use silicone sprays, always remember that it can damage the glue of the boots. First of all, spray the waterproofing material on the fabric (cover the leather part). After that, apply the wax on the leather part and seams of the boot.

You can always use good quality shoe polish if your shoes are made entirely of leather.

All these simple steps would add years to the lives of your shoes and keep them in good shape!

Best Hiking Boots For Wide Feet – Conclusion

So our guide to the best hiking boots for wide feet has given you all the essential information about hiking boots. Now you know about the top hiking boots not just for wide feet but for every adventure enthusiast and special medical conditions.

Besides that, you know about all the essential factors you must consider buying hiking boots and how you can efficiently maintain them.

In a nutshell, you know everything you need to know about your boots. Now it is your turn to choose the best one from the list and get ready for your next adventure. Go for the one according to your requirements and your budget, and start the trail.

Your next big adventure is waiting for you!

FAQs on Hiking Boots For Wide Feet

Q1. Is Artificial Leather Harmful To The Environment?

Artificial or faux leather is an alternative against the real leather that uses animal products. However, it is made from harmful chemicals, including plastic, that are hazardous to the environment.

So, on the one hand, they are suitable for animals but, on the other hand, harmful to the environment.

Q2. What Is The Difference Between An Eva And Polyurethane Boot Midsoles?

EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) is a lightweight and less expensive material used for making boots midsoles. They are added in varying densities to provide maximum support.

Polyurethane, on the other hand, is generally firmer and much more durable than EVA. Thus, it is used in extended backpacking or mountaineering boots.

Q3. What Are Vegan Boots?

Vegan or vegan-friendly hiking boots are manufactured without hurting any animals or without any animal products or byproducts.

Q4. What Kind Of Socks Are Best For Hiking?

For hiking purposes, wool is the most popular and convenient sock material. It is highly recommended because it regulates temperatures, provides cushioning, and smells less than other fabrics. Plus, it is more durable and offers faster drying.

Rest, polyester is also a recommended option as it is highly insulative and dries quickly.