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Best Climbing Sticks 2023: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Venturing into the woods without proper gear is as silly as going to a war without an armory ? you will eventually get yourself killed. Proper tools can change your fate in any situation and save your life.

Whether you go to the forest for hunting or fun, you must ensure to have the best gear to help you in every situation. A few dedicated pieces of equipment like the best climbing stick come in handy to rid you of any trouble you might get yourself into.

Hunters have a list of tools that they never forget to carry around. One of such important tools is climbing sticks. The best climbing sticks enable you to climb a tree quicker in a safer manner as compared to any other tools in the market.

There are a thousand varieties available in the market, thanks to the growing craze of hunting and other forest activities. It is important to choose the best climbing sticks to have a smooth and safe experience in the woods.

We have saved you some tedious legwork and come up with a list of the best climbing stick for you to choose from. You can skim through and pick the ideal model as per your requirements.

Here is a list of the best climbing sticks currently available in the market.

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Top 17 Best Climbing Sticks 2023

1. Lone Wolf Climbing Stick

Lone Wolf 4 - Pc. Climbing Stick

Lone Wolf Treestands has been one of the leading brands in the climbing accessories department for nearly two decades now. All the tools are the ultimate choice of hunters as they provide strength, mobility, and silence.

Lone Wolf Climbing Stick delivers the company’s features exceptionally well. These are silent and convenient to use and provide the best results in a flash. The ingenious design of these sticks is perfect to mount on and pair up with their Alpha Hang-on treestand as well as Asphalt treestand.

These sticks have reversible steps that add more convenience and comfort. The one-tube layout and measures provide the perfect attachment for ease of use. With the available strap extensions, it can wrap around any tree with a diameter between 4″ – 22″. The space between each measure is around 15″, which adds to further protection.

These sticks are capable of handling any weight up to 350 pounds. The pivoting V-Brackets ensure that you don’t miss out on climbing any uneven or rough tree surfaces by allowing you to have a solid bite on the not-so-perfect trees.

All the products by Lone Wolf Treestands are manufactured, assembled, packed, and shipped by the United States. Even with extensive modifications, Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks are easy to use with a sturdy and durable design.

Key Features

  • Patented pivoting V-Brackets for better grip on uneven tree surfaces
  • With the strap extensions, it can comfortably wrap around trees with a diameter between 4″ – 22″
  • It can take up to 350 pounds of weight
  • Single-tube design
  • Reversible steps
  • Stick length 32 inches
  • The gap between steps 15 inches
  • Weight 2.5 pounds per stick
  • Made in the USA


  • Easy to use and self-explanatory
  • It can be used to climb any type of tree
  • Easy to lock on wet tree surfaces
  • Extremely quiet experience
  • Sharp steps keep the sole of your boots intact
  • Ideal for hunters who like to move to different trees while hunting
  • Slim packing allows you to move quickly through the woods
  • Silent during movement


  • Hard to carry as a bundle, the straps are too short to keep the bundle together
  • The bundle is a little heavy to carry around
  • These are not the quietest of climbing sticks in the market and need some noise-canceling coating
  • It comes with single-sided steps, which are less safe than the double-sided ones
  • It is a bit pricey as compared to others

2. Guide Gear 20-Inch Climbing Sticks

Guide Gear 20' Climbing Sticks

Guide Gear offers the best value for money with their climbing sticks. The package comes with easy-to-assemble pieces that can be conveniently packed and carried in the woods.

It is better to have Guide Gear Climbing Sticks instead of carrying a bulky and heavy ladder treestand on your shoulders deep into the forest. These sticks perfectly fit with the hang-on treestands and make your job easy.

The structure of these climbing sticks is entirely made of steel, making them sturdy, durable, and reliable. The five-section division allows you to store and carry the sticks anywhere conveniently.

With a capacity of carrying a weight of up to 300 pounds, these sticks are easy to assemble and securely hold on to the surface of any tree you might want to climb. It has thus rightfully earned a spot in our best climbing sticks guide.

Key Features

  • All steel construction for durability and sturdiness
  • Five 4-feet sections for easy storage and portability
  • Strong angled straps for safety
  • 4-feet tree braces for stability
  • A Cam Buckle System to bite into the surface of any tree and hold it securely
  • Quick-connect snap pins for convenient and fast assembly
  • Weight capacity 300 pounds
  • Overall height 20-feet; weight 23.13 pounds


  • Value for money
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Reliable straps
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Flexible pin joints allow a slight change in direction
  • Vibration-proof stand
  • Easy storage
  • Extremely quiet during installation


  • You might need to buy a new set of straps that are more durable than the ones in the package.
  • It might start to rust after a few times of use.
  • The narrow stepping surface can be very dangerous and cause injuries.
  • The welds on the climbing sticks might be crooked and not durable.

3. Millennium Treestands M210 Stick Climber

Millennium Treestands M210 Stick Climber

The ability to climb up and down a tree quickly without hurting yourself is extremely essential if you are going to the woods for hunting. The Millennium Treestands M210 Stick Climber is a great solution to that problem.

This 20-feet-tall climbing stick is high enough for you to comfortably climb up and down a tree. The structure is built to last and is durable enough to be used for years without any major issues.

It comes with a Cam Buckle that ensures that you don’t miss out on climbing any giant trees with a bigger circumference. The overall construction is lightweight and has a powder coat finish that doesn’t catch rust easily.

The stepping surface is large enough to fit any kind of boot size. With a dual top step, there is added security and safety. The climbing sticks can hold good enough weight and can resolve all your climbing needs.

Key Features

  • 20 feet tall Stick Climber
  • 7 feet Cam Buckle for extra-large trees
  • Lightweight SteelTough construction
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Smart construction for added safety
  • Dual top step for extra security
  • Weight 17 pounds
  • It can hold up to 300 pounds of weight


  • Super tight grip with the tree straps provided
  • Very safe and secure
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a V-foot ground stabilizer for better grip and sturdiness on the ground.
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Durable steel design


  • It is noisier than other treestands.
  • The staggered steps make it difficult to hang your steps when you reach the top.
  • It might take up less weight than mentioned on the package.
  • These sticks are heavier than other climbing sticks in the market.
  • They produce weird squeaking and groaning sounds both while installation and climbing.
  • These sticks are difficult to pack and carry around.

4. Guide Gear Quick Climbing Sticks 3 Pack

Another tree-friendly stick to resolve all your climbing needs, the Guide Gear Quick Climbing Stick is easy to use, safe, and reliable. These sticks pair up perfectly with hang-on treestands and make your tree climbing experience easier than ever.

The structure is made of steel, in the form of a tubular frame, and has firm straps for getting a strong grip on all kinds of tree surfaces. The size is compact and can line up on any tree. The dual-step design makes climbing more convenient.

Ascend safely to the top of any and every tree with the reliable, strong, and secure design of these climbing sticks. The anti-slip steps ensure that you don’t fall on the ground and hurt yourself. The compact and sturdy design makes these climbing sticks ideal for your next hunting expedition.

Key Features

  • Safe and tree-friendly climbing sticks
  • Compact and durable design
  • Reach up to 8 feet higher as compared to other sticks
  • Perfectly pairs with a hang-on treestand
  • Welded tubular steel frames
  • Double-step design for safe ascendance
  • Anti-slip steps for better grip
  • Quicksand secure strap-on tree attachment on each section
  • Package includes 3×32 inch sections; total height 8 feet
  • Weight 17.1 pounds
  • It can take up to 300 pounds of weight


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Strong and stable mounting platform
  • Simple design


  • The straps are not durable and might need changing after a couple of uses.
  • The holes in the vertical tubes might not be aligned properly.
  • The straps might squeak and create unwanted noise.
  • These sticks are extremely heavy to carry around.

5. Xop Climbing Sticks For Treestands

XOP-XTREME OUTDOOR PRODUCTS Bottomland Climbing Sticks (4 Pack), Mossy Oak, Mossy Oak Bottomland, Model:XOP-LMO4

XOP Climbing Sticks for Treestands is another reliable choice for resolving all your tree climbing needs while you are out in the woods. The lightweight aluminum frame is easy to carry and assemble quickly.

The steel-fast strap buttons ensure that you don’t slip down in any of the climbing expeditions. The steps come with an anti-slip technology which makes certain that every step of yours remains firm.

The arch steps are so designed to support your feet while climbing up and down a tree. The deep stand-off brackets offer ample support to bite and grip the tree surface tightly and securely. The camouflage color scheme is an added benefit to hide in the dense forests.

Key Features

  • Lightweight ALL aluminum frame
  • A patented self-locking mechanism for convenient portability
  • Arch step technology for supporting the feet while climbing
  • Pivot steps 180 degrees for left or right climb
  • Deep stand-off brackets for better spacing between your boot and the tree surface
  • Steel fast strap buttons
  • Anti-slip steps for added support
  • Camouflage color schemes


  • Longer and thicker upswept steps
  • 1-inch extra bracket space between the stick and the tree
  • Beefier step stops for more security
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Buckle silencers for less noise
  • Attaches with the trees fairly easily and quickly
  • Comes with grippy wide footpegs for a firm grip on the boots while climbing


  • The holes on the vertical tubes might not align properly
  • These sticks are not as durable and reliable as the other sticks in the competition
  • The heavier weight makes it difficult to carry them around.
  • These sticks are a bit pricey as compared to other climbing sticks in the market

6. Big Game Quick-Stick Climbing System CS050

Big Game Quick-Stick Climbing System CS050

Safety and security are two of the key features of Big Game Quick-Stick Climbing System. This mechanism helps you to hang and climb up any tree with ease, that too silently. It is easy to assemble and reliable.

With the rock-solid steel construction, avoid any unnecessary maneuvering while you reach the top of your treestands. The steel-welded sticks are sturdy and are held securely to the tree with the cam-buckles straps.

The alternating-angled steps make your climbing experience much simpler. The system is capable of holding up to 300 pounds of weight. The bottom section stays in contact with the ground at all times. Reach the top in no time with this amazing climbing system.

Key Features

  • Solid steel construction
  • Height 20 feet
  • Weight 20 pounds; it is rated for taking up to 300 pounds of weight
  • Alternating step design for easy climbing
  • Cam-buckle straps for better support
  • Five sleeved sections
  • Safe and secure


  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable
  • Value for money


  • It takes time to assemble properly.
  • It is a bit noisier than other sticks in the market.
  • It might start rusting after a few uses.

7. Big Dog 20-Inch Double-Step Climbing Stick

Big Dog Hunting Hotfoot Climbing stick, 24'

Big Dog Double-Step Climbing Stick has a full steel construction with sturdy welded steps on both sides. It is 20 feet high and yet is safe to climb with its extended steel braces. You can have a reliable and safe climbing experience with this stick.

This climbing stick comes with 5 looped button-straps for securing the grip. The steps are angled and on both sides for a comfortable climb. The frame of these sticks bites into any type of tree surface ? dry or wet, rough or smooth.

These sticks are easy to use and lightweight. The powder coat finish remains intact for a long time. All the welds are strong and stay in place even after multiple uses. If you are looking for an affordable climbing kit for your next jungle adventure, then Big Dog Double-Step Climbing Stick might just be your perfect companion.

Key Features

  • Strong and durable steel construction
  • Angled double steps for a convenient climbing experience
  • Extended tree braces for added security
  • Height ? 20 feet with 5 pinned 4 feet sections
  • Welded sturdy steps on both sides
  • Powder coat finish
  • 5 looped button-straps


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Solid construction
  • Comfortable double steps
  • The ability to add a couple of additional sections is very beneficial


  • It does not come with durable ratchet straps.
  • It does not come with a top piece.

8. Xop Short Climbing Sticks For Treestands

XOP-XTREME OUTDOOR PRODUCTS XOP Hunting Climbing Sticks for Treestands - Set of 4 - Two Step Sticks - Mossy Oak

Another great option to fulfill your tree climbing desires, XOP Short Climbing Stick for Treestands is lightweight and durable. The camouflage color scheme is suitable to keep these sticks hidden in the animal territory.

The steps are firmly welded and heat-treated for durability and strength. The arch step technology ascertains that you have a safe and convenient climbing experience. The fast strap buttons hang effortlessly and provide ample support.

It also comes with deep stand-off brackets to ensure better space between your boots and the surface of the tree. All the sticks attach neatly and stack perfectly to all hang-on treestands for easy portability.

Key Features

  • Lightweight aluminum design
  • Patented arch step technology
  • 180 degrees pivot steps
  • Deep stand-off bracket for extra space between boots and tree surface
  • Self-locking stick stacking technology for easy portability
  • Capable of handling a weight up to 350 pounds
  • Camouflage color scheme


  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Convenient to use
  • Easy portability
  • Value for money


  • The single steps limit you from going higher on the tree after a certain point.
  • These are on the heavier side in terms of weight.

9. Hawk Hunting Helium 20-Inch Climbing Sticks

Hawk Hunting Helium 20'' Climbing Sticks 4Pk, Multi, One Size

If you are looking for rugged durability in extreme conditions, Hawk Hunting Helium Climbing Sticks are your go-to solution. These sticks are specially designed for those who love adventure and seek thrilling experiences in the woods.

It comes with Tree-digger Teeth for biting into any kind of tree bark wet, dry, smooth, or rough. The boot gripping steps come with raised ends to keep your feet from slipping while you climb up and down any tree.

The Silent-use Versa button is built-in to ensure a quiet and noise-free experience while packing and installing these sticks on the surface of any tree. For those who love to push their limits, these sticks provide the ultimate adventure with a promise of safety, stability, and strength.

Key Features

  • Rugged and extreme durability
  • All aluminum construction
  • Tree-digger Teeth Bite for stability
  • Boot gripping steps with raised ends for safety
  • Silent-use Versa button for noise-free installation and packing
  • Weight 11.8 pounds
  • Used for tactical and military sports


  • Durable and reliable
  • Fairly lightweight
  • Perfect stacking
  • Suction cups work well
  • Non-slip steps to ensure safety


  • The connectors tend to break quite easily.
  • The sticks might get too tight when stacked and can cause trouble while unstacking.
  • The locking pegs are not strong enough.

10. Guide Gear 25-Inch Climbing Sticks

For all those who wish to climb higher than usual while exploring the woods, Guide Gear 25? Climbing Sticks might just be perfect. These climbing sticks are reliable, sturdy, and easy to carry from place to place.

Most climbing sticks go up to a height of 20 feet only. But with these sticks, you can go further up with its additional 5-feet reach. They can be divided into separate sections of 5 feet each, which makes portability very convenient.

The steps are strong, anti-slip, and angled for a better climbing experience. All the sections connect to add stability to the entire frame. The construction is of tubular steel that is strong and durable.

These sticks are capable of handling a weight up to 300 pounds. They allow you to stay 5 feet further up from the reach of animals while on a hunting adventure, earning them a rightful spot on our best climbing sticks guide.

Key Features

  • Tubular frame construction for durability
  • 25 feet frame is 5 feet taller than most regular climbing sticks
  • Separate five sections of 5 feet each for portability
  • Angled steps for safety and ease of climbing
  • Weight ? 28.9 pounds
  • It can take up to 300 pounds of weight


  • Extra 5 feet are a bonus for any hunter
  • Easy to put together
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Quite stable and reliable


  • The paint tends to chip off easily which can result in rusting just after a few uses.
  • The weight is too much which makes portability difficult.
  • The foot base is too small and can barely fit a larger shoe.
  • The straps are not suitable for clinging to a tree with a larger girth.

11. Big Dog Hunting Hotfoot Climbing Stick

Big Dog Hunting Hotfoot Climbing stick, 24'

Big Dog is one of the biggest and most reliable brands when it comes to climbing sticks. They are the industry leaders and offer the best quality products. The Hunting Hotfoot Climbing Stick is another example of fine engineering.

These sticks are taller than most regular sticks, which allows you to stay further away from keen animal noses while you hunt. The dual wide steps ensure comfortable access to each step. The gap between the steps is perfect for conveniently climbing up.

It comes with an extended tree brace that allows you to have a bigger space between the stick and the bark of the tree. With the cam lock straps, one can speedily climb up and down safely and comfortably.

The Big Dog Hunting 24 Hotfoot dual-step climbing stick is TMA approved. It is stable and reliable for all your hunting needs. The extra height earns it a well-deserved spot in our best climbing sticks guide.

Key Features

  • Industry-leading brand in quality and safety
  • Height ? 24 feet, which is higher than most regular climbing sticks
  • Dual wide steps for ample support
  • Extended tree brace for larger space between the stick and the surface of the tree
  • Quick and convenient cam lock for safety and security
  • TMA approved


  • Dual steps add more comfort while climbing
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Extra feet at the top are a bonus
  • Value for money


  • The paint might come off after a few uses.
  • The edges of the steps and the stick are sharp and because of the angle of the steps, it can cause injuries.
  • These are heavy and clunky which makes them difficult to carry around.
  • The straps need to be replaced with more durable ones.

12. Hawk Helium Climbing Stick

Hawk Helium Climbing Stick 3 PK. for Treestand Fold Up Steps with Boot Grabbing Grooves, Grey, One Size

Hawk Helium Climbing Sticks are designed for tactical, adventure, and military sports. With their aircraft-grade aluminum construction, these sticks are strong and durable and can withstand all types of wear and tear.

The frame comes with cutouts on the entire body, which considerably reduces its weight. The steps are designed to grab maximum traction and create support and safety while climbing. The entire frame has a streamlined design for maximum stability.

The package comes with tight-pack bungee cords for extra safety during your climbing adventures. With the silent-use tree attachment hooks, assemble and install the entire mechanism without disturbing nature.

Key Features

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Weight reducing cutouts for balance
  • Traction grabbing steps for support
  • Streamlined design
  • Silent-use tree attachment hooks
  • Trigger teeth for a stronger grip on the tree surface
  • The package includes tight-pack bungee cords for safety


  • Strong and durable design
  • Dual steps for extra support
  • Interlocking rubber grommet for securing the welds noise-free
  • Firm gripping footpegs
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store and carry


  • The suction cup stacking is much better than other sticks in the market.
  • The straps on these sticks might need changing.
  • The buttons and grommets that hold the sticks together might break easily.

13. Hawk Helium 1PL Climbing Stick

Hawk Helium 1PL Climbing Stick for Treestand Fold Up Steps with Boot Grabbing Grooves, Multi, One Size

Another set of climbing sticks from Hawk Helium; these climbing sticks come with a strong design with an aircraft-grade aluminum frame. The structure is streamlined for better balance and support.

Suitable for tactical and military sports, these sticks have superior traction on steps for better grip and safety. The raised ends of the steps provide extra protection. The dual-sided steps give you more confidence while ascending and descending.

The frame is ultra-light making it easy to carry around. The hooks for attachment are silent and don’t create any noise. All Hawk Climbing Sticks are TMA approved, which makes them safe, secure, and reliable.

Key Features

  • Ultra-light aircraft-grade aluminum frame
  • Weight-saving cutouts for a streamlined design
  • Dual-sided step design for comfort and support
  • Superior step traction for a stronger grip
  • Tight-pack bungee cords for proper packing of the sticks
  • Over-molded tree attachment hooks for a stiffer bite into the tree surface
  • Tree digger teeth for stability
  • TMA approved


  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Compact size for convenient portability
  • Quiet to unfold pegs
  • Convenient to stack and pack


  • The frame is not strong enough and might bend after a few uses.
  • There is only a little gap left between the tree surface and the stick.
  • It cannot take a lot of weight.

14. Millennium M240 Climbing Stick Steel 4 pk.

Millennium M240 Climbing Stick Steel 4 pk.

Millennium M240 Climbing Stick has a durable and strong steel construction. The frame is sturdy enough to take a weight of up to 300 pounds. The frame is in a tubular design that gives it balance and added support.

The structure features a stackable tubular design which ensures that the packing and portability are easy. It comes with double-sided angle steps for ease and comfort of climbing. It weighs 21 pounds.

The double-loop connection straps ascertain safety and secure grip. The easy pull cam buckles add further support and balance. The stick can be divided into sections, which makes portability comfortable.

Key Features

  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Single tubular design
  • Stackable sections
  • Double-sided angle steps
  • Double-loop connection straps
  • Easy pull cam buckles
  • Weight ? 21 pounds


  • Sturdy and strong
  • Safe and secure once tightened
  • Staggered steps add support
  • Easy to install
  • Convenient portability


  • These sticks are noisier than others in the market.
  • You might have to buy additional straps as the ones pre-installed are not very reliable.

15. Millennium M250 Climbing Stick Aluminum 4 pk.

Millennium M250 Climbing Stick Aluminum 4 pk.

Another great example of a fine design from Millennium, the M250 Climbing Stick is made from aluminum, making it super-light and portable. Like other Millennium climbing sticks, these sticks also have tubular frames for better balance.

The single tube design comes with double loop connection straps for extra safety and security. The straps have easy pull cam buckles for tightening the connections. The steps are alternating and have great grip.

With strong traction, the steps are anti-slip and save you from any accidental falls. They are angled to provide extra foot clearance. The overall weight of these sticks is 17 pounds, which makes it quite comfortable to carry them around from place to place.

Key Features

  • Aluminum construction
  • Double-loop connection strap
  • Ultra-light
  • Single tube design
  • Easy pull cam buckles
  • Alternating steps with strong traction
  • Angled steps for extra step clearance
  • Weight ? 17 pounds


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to assemble


  • These sticks are noisier than others in the market.
  • The suction cups are not reliable after a few uses.

16. Novix NX-MIN4 Mini Climbing Stick

Novix NX-MIN4 Mini Climbing Stick 4 Piece, Quiet Pivoting Bracket for Outdoor Mobile Hunting

Climb trees like a leopard with the Novix Mini Climbing Sticks. These steps enable you to reach every treetop you set your eyes on. The single-tube design is easy to assemble, install, and use, and is highly durable at the same time.

The pivoting brackets are designed to adjust with the shape and natural curve of the tree to give you the best grip possible while climbing. The steps as well can rotate to give you the perfect position for ascending and descending comfortably.

Though the entire set weighs merely 6 pounds, yet it is capable of handling a weight of up to 350 pounds with ease. The stackable design allows you to store and carry the climbing sticks comfortably. These sticks pair well with any hang-on treestand to give you the ultimate hunting experience.

Key Features

  • Single tube design for easy assembly
  • Pivoting V-Brackets to adjust with the natural curve of any tree
  • 180-degrees rotating steps for comfortable climbing
  • Interlocking stacking system for convenient packing and portability
  • 15-inch step difference for comfort while propelling up
  • Weight ? 6 pounds; it can take up to a weight of 350 pounds
  • Pairs with Novix Echo Hang-On Treestand


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Quiet and noise-free locking system
  • The compact design makes it easy to carry
  • The dual steps add more stability while climbing
  • Sturdy and reliable grip


  • No disadvantages as such apart from regular wear and tear that comes with constant usage.

17. Muddy Pro Sticks (4-Pack), Black

If you are looking for strength and robustness along with lightness, then Muddy Pro Sticks are your answer. These sticks are strong and reliable. The installation process is quiet and the sticks are easy to carry around.

Even if you wish to reach the top of a crooked tree, these climbing sticks would not fail you. These sticks would get you straight to the top and that too safely. With a rope cam system, you hardly hear any sounds during the assembly and have a secure grip while climbing.

Every step comes with contraction teeth for a much firm grip that doesn’t let your boot slip off. The heavy-duty coating on the top of these sticks ascertains that these sticks are durable and resilient to harsh weather conditions.

The silent strap system ensures that you don’t have any metal-to-metal contact, and the sticks don’t make any noise when you step on them. The assembly is simple and the dual steps add more safety while ascending and descending.

Key Features

  • Aluminum construction
  • Built-in teeth on steps for a stronger grip
  • Aluminum bark-biters for attaching with the tree surface
  • Rope cam system for added security
  • Height ? 12.5 feet
  • Weight ? 10 pounds
  • Suitable for both straight and crooked trees


  • The rubber silencers on each step eliminate all sounds produced while climbing.
  • Quiet and easy installation
  • The rope cam system is quiet and quick.
  • Rotating tree cleats ensure a firm connection with all types of trees.
  • Sturdy and durable


  • These sticks are not heavy but are still bulky to carry around, making portability difficult.
  • The rope can easily slide off from the clamp if it is not tied up properly.
  • These sticks do not come assembled in the pack and have to be bolted together to form the sections of the stick before using.
  • The rope is a little shorter than what you would expect.
  • These climbing sticks wear out pretty easily.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Climbing Stick

A good set of climbing sticks would help you in all your hunting expeditions and allow you to reach great heights. The best climbing sticks enable you to reach the top of every tree quickly, safely, and easily.

If you have not nearly tripped from your treestand while climbing, then you probably have not hunted much. The wide variety of styles and designs of climbing sticks available in the market can create a lot of confusion for those buying for the first time. Even as a professional, it is important to consider a few factors before picking your tools.

We have compiled a list of factors to look for while you go purchasing your next set of climbing sticks. These factors are listed below:

1. Safety

It doesn’t even need mentioning, but safety is the first and foremost consideration while buying anything and not just climbing sticks. Treestands are dangerous due to the risk of falling from a height.

We can’t prevent a mishap, but we can protect ourselves from other causes that might result in a mishap. Safety while ascending and descending a tree is paramount. It is important to check for safety standards while investing in a set of climbing sticks.

Always check the weight rating for a climbing stick set and ensure that you buy the one which has a weight rating much higher than the combined weight of your body and equipment.

Those climbing sticks with steps on both sides of the central frame are safer than others due to the double support on both sides at the same level. Also, sticks with a smaller gap between the steps allow you to take small steps instead of giant leaps which might become risky.

Many models are designed in a manner so that their base is farther away from the tree than the top. This gives it a ladder-like feel, which creates more stability and balance. These sticks are much safer than others.

2. Portability

Portability becomes a significant factor to consider when you have to trek through the woods before reaching your desired tree and then set up your entire set. It is the weight that becomes the deciding factor in such expeditions.

Lighter sticks are always better if you have to trek a few miles before climbing up a tree. The sticks made with lightweight materials usually have sections that can be connected to build the entire frame. They can be then taken apart and stacked to be packed and carried conveniently.

It is important to remember that you must not compromise on safety while going for a lighter set of sticks. Be sure while purchasing any model and never forget to check the weight rating of anything you buy.

3. Stand Height

If you are an experienced hunter, then you probably already know that trees can differ based on their suitability for high treestands. Some can handle taller stands, while others need to have lower stands for better stability and safety.

If your stand is 20 feet up a tree, then you don’t necessarily need to spend extra money on a 24-foot set of climbing sticks. On the other hand, if you have a much taller stand then buying a set of climbing sticks of 16-foot would leave you massively disappointed.

If you are someone who likes to move your treestands from time to time, then you must buy a set with a taller height. A taller set of sticks would always be more suitable for all types of trees in the forest.

4. Robustness

Hunters carry their climbing sticks through many types of terrains and environments. The treestands have to endure rough conditions throughout the usage. Whether it is water or extreme heat, the climbing sticks need to survive through everything.

The climbing sticks must be strong, sturdy, and robust to encounter all perils that Nature throws your way. Rusting can be the biggest issue in a climbing stick and so it is important to have a set that can tackle that problem.

The metal shaft of the treestand must be robust and sturdy so that it remains durable and lasts long. A treestand usually comes with angled and staggering steps, which ensures an easier and safer climbing experience.

5. Flexible and Multifunctional

For your climbing sticks to be high-performing, they must be flexible and multifunctional. They must be useful enough so that when you set your eyes on any tree, you can climb to the top with ease and without any hesitation.

6. Large Steps

If you have a bigger shoe size, then always make sure to find a set of climbing sticks with a bigger foot base. You don’t want to be falling off the steps because of a slip caused due to a smaller step-size.

7. Noise Level

A single squeak can be the difference between a successful hunting expedition and a massive failure. Always look for climbing sticks that make little to no noise at all. You don’t want the target to get away with the slightest of sound.

Also, check the installation instructions before assembling the climbing sticks. Sometimes it is not the product creating the noise but your method of installing it. Always read the instruction manual.

8. Cost

Your budget would eventually be the deciding factor while buying a suitable and useful set of climbing sticks for your next hunting spree. Some brands cost you more because of their reputation, but they are not necessarily the best in business.

Durable steel costs much more than other metals, but it is way better than others as well. Multiple brands in the market offer better features and results than the reputed ones and cost half.

While investing in the best climbing sticks, make sure that they are well worth the cost. If a product is actually of utility, then you would not mind shelling out any amount of money because it would last long. Though still, it is important to consider how deep you are willing to go into your pockets.

Best Climbing Sticks – Conclusion

Whether you are a hunter, traveler, trekker, camper, or just a random adventurer, good tools come in handy while walking through the woods or going through treacherous paths. The best climbing sticks make every tree climb seem like a cakewalk.

If you have the right equipment, every adventure spree becomes memorable and safe. With a decent set of climbing sticks, you can reach the top of any tree with ease. The best climbing sticks ensure safety and comfort at the same time.

Make your next hunting adventure a trip to remember by getting to the top of every tree you set your eyes on. Escape the keen noses of your prey while hunting and walk home with amazing rewards by investing in the best climbing sticks, that are affordable and the most effective means to fulfill all your hunting dreams safely.

Happy Climbing and Hunting!

FAQs on Climbing Sticks

Q1. What Are Climbing Sticks And What Is Their Purpose?

Climbing sticks are a set of hunting gear that allows you to climb trees quickly and comfortably. They offer more mobility than the traditional ladders and can be used with a variety of trees.

Climbing sticks can help you in reaching the top of any kind of tree, no matter the shape, size, bark texture, or girth. They are safe and reliable, and a must-have for every hunter going to the woods for catching prey.

Q2. How High Can You Get With Climbing Sticks?

Usually, most sticks will get you as high as 15 to 16 feet, depending on the spacing between the steps. However, you can also find sticks that can reach up to a height of 24 to 25 feet as well.

Q3. Are Climbing Sticks Safe?

Climbing trees in itself is a perilous task. That is why safety while ascending and descending from a tree is of the utmost importance. As long as you follow proper instructions and take the required safety measures, you will keep yourself away from accidental injuries or falls for the most part.

The most important safety tips are.

  • Always thoroughly check your climbing sticks before heading out for your next adventure or hunting spree.
  • Use a safety harness with the treestands and climbing sticks for additional safety.
  • Replace your gear if it is too old or has not been used for a long time

Q4. What Are The Most Common Problems Faced By People Buying Their First Set Of Climbing Sticks?

There are many brands and companies out in the market which is producing quality hunting gear with amazing features. However, if you are buying a climbing stick set for the first time, you might face these common problems:

  • The climbing stick doesn?t take you as high on the tree as you hoped.
  • The climbing sticks set is difficult to stack or pack together, making it a tough task to carry them through the woods.
  • The climbing sticks don?t offer you the flexibility and choice of changing hunting locations due to the fixed treestands.

Some research and a reading of our guide should be enough to set your affairs in order while you go out to buy your next set of the best climbing sticks.

Q5. Are Dual-sided Steps Better Than The Single-sided Ones On A Climbing Stick?

Dual-sided steps provide you with more balance and stability while climbing up or down from any tree. They ensure that both your feet are at the same level at every step so that you can carefully move further up or down.

One-sided steps are a little unsafe considering the large gap between every step. For a much safer and comfortable climbing experience, dual-sided steps on a climbing stick are highly recommended.

Q6. What Is The Best Way To Carry Your Climbing Sticks Around?

The best way to take your climbing sticks comfortably is to stack them together and then pack them. Some companies also give options of a quiver or caddy for keeping your sticks properly and safely, making them easy to carry around even during long walks through the forests.