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Best Climbing Pants 2023: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Climbers, in general, tend to be nitpicky when it comes to gear selection, and why shouldn?t they be? With such a vast repository to choose from, which includes but is not limited to ropes, harnesses, cams, helmets, nets, slings, and shoes, they do need to devote time and attention to their hobby. However, amongst such sheer amounts of gear to be sorted and brought, there are some places where people tend to cut corners.

One of them is the selection of pants. Not just any pants, though, but climbing pants. To be more specific, pants that are good for trekking and climbing. However, this can be a highly fatal choice in this line of work/hobby. Pants cover almost 50% of the body; they also protect you from the climate, terrain, and animals. That is why any oversight in this department can be lethal not only for you but for your teammates and fellow climbers, as well.

When you hear the word “climbing,” the first thing that flashes through your mind is bouldering, working on challenging projects, cleaning routes, and so much more. Do you notice anything familiar between them all? The one thing present in all these activities, which is often neglected, is pants. To eradicate any difficulty during such projects, having pants with great deal of mobility and the strength of fabric to support that movement is necessary.

The pair of pipes you would pull over and around your pins (for the more technically unsound, it is for strapping on the rocks during steep climbs) can significantly impact the way you perform during climbs. This also determines how comfortable you would be in your pants while out on an adventure. Everyone knows that you can’t have a fun adventure if you are wearing uncomfortable pants. So, how do you differentiate between a standard pair of trousers and climbing pants? What are the features and technicalities that set them apart?

As you are already aware, climbing presents a unique demand for your clothing. This is even more true in the case of “rock” climbers. Therefore, it is advised that the pants used for such expeditions be mobile, breathable, well designed, and extremely versatile.

The growing interest in this genre has sparked a whole industry based on this occupation alone. Although climbing pants are related to and yet entirely distinct from the more general traveling and hiking pants, you need to know what sets them apart before making a full-blown purchase.

You can’t go wrong while choosing the best climbing pants from this guide. If we had the chance, we’d probably add them all to our wardrobe.

There are some things that you should keep in mind before buying pants. Broadly speaking, they can be broken down into two ingredients- the places that you will be climbing and the expectations that you have of them.

Although there are many options to choose from, and while it is true that each terrain and activity has its own requirements, we have created this guide with a healthy mix of all types, keeping in mind the diversity of climbers. So take a gander, pick out the best climbing pants for you, and get on that wall!

Top 15 Best Climbing Pants 2023

1. Ucraft Xlite Climbing Pants

Ucraft "Xlite Rock Climbing, Bouldering and Yoga Pants. Lightweight, Stretching, Breathable (410 L Graphite)

Are you planning a climb in relatively warmer areas? Or maybe you climb as a side hobby? Do you also use this activity as an escape from your regular work routine? Then you have zoned on to the right choice.

For climbers planning trips in warmer climates, the Ucraft Xlite offers exceptionally lightweight, highly elastic, and aggressively priced pants. These pants perform wonderfully and give you a terrific bang for your buck. Sure these aren’t the most durable pants out there, but its list of features at such an affordable price more than compensates for it.

Sporting an elasticated waist, articulated knees with ever-handy side pockets, and spun from breathable materials, these pants would help you in your pursuit of the unknown. Going a step further, they also integrate a handy chalk bag loop and toothbrush sleeves, ticking off practicality and affordability from their bucket list.

The inbuilt ankle drawstrings allow you to turn them into three quarter length pants, which comes in handy when navigating those tough and sticky spots. Overall, these pants are the best example of what ideal all-rounder pants should provide. Though it lacks a bit in the durability department, its vast array of features and affordability make it one of the contenders on this list of best climbing pants.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Built-in chalk bag loop and toothbrush sleeve
  • Excellent breathability
  • Elastic and stretchy


  • Unsuitable for alpine climbs
  • Lacks in the durability department

2. Prana Stretch Zion Pants

prAna Men's Standard Stretch Zion Pant, Mud, 32W x 32L

Do you consider yourself a trendsetter? Do you want to overcome that rock that has been eluding you butin style? Then you’ve zoned in on the right choice. These pants are sure to help you conquer your dream hill with ease.

Prana Zion pants are delightfully well-made. Multi-functional and stylish, these pants have the features necessary to become your primary attire for any hike. Whether it be bouldering, sport climbing, gym climbing, or trad, these pants will be your constant companion through all your adventures.

These pants are genuine all-rounders. They are stretchy, abrasion-resistant, and come as Prana?s aptly priced entry into this segment. They are also created with water repellent materials to keep you safe from all the dampness and muck that you might encounter on your adventure. These pants are also known for drying quickly.

Wearing these pants will never let the evils of low temperature and harsh climate get through to your body. The ventilated inseam gusset provides maximum breathability, and a built-in waist belt keeps the pants snug. Five mesh pockets add to its tool carrying capabilities, and roll-up leg snap increases its ventilation and versatility. It is truly a contender for the title of best climbing pants.

Compared to their competitors, these pants offer better value for your money and would be an exceptional addition to your growing collection.


  • Suitable for almost all kinds of outdoor activities, including bouldering and climbing
  • Durable
  • Elastic
  • Feature-packed
  • Quick-drying and abrasion-resistant
  • Ventilated inseam gusset


  • It could be very funky or out of the norm for some.
  • Too many features can confuse some users.

3. Mountain Hardwear Yumalino Pant

Mountain Hardwear Mens Yumalino Fleece-Lined Pant for Cold Weather Outdoor Activities - Dark Storm - 34W x 32L

Are you a die-hard fan of hiking and climbing? Does the prospect of climbing new heights excite you? Does adventure flow through your veins? For such people, Yumalino brings its repository of highly durable pants.

These cozy yet lightweight pants boast of a super-soft fleece lining and water repellent materials. The durable softshell exterior makes them excellent for cool weather climbing. The nicely gusseted crotch and respectable stretching capacity make it extremely versatile in terms of usage and storage. The articulated knees and intuitively designed pockets add durability and practicality to these pants.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up these pants and get ready for tackling those alpine climbs that you’ve been dreaming about. With these in your hands, you can focus on your climbs without worrying about your safety in any form.


  • Great for trad and alpine climbs
  • Good for keeping warm
  • Soft lining
  • Durable exterior
  • Gusseted crotch


  • Too heavy for summer climbs (or climbs in warmer temperatures)
  • A little bit on the pricier end of the spectrum

4. Prana Axiom Jean

prAna Men's Axiom Jean, Size 32 - Antique Stone Wash

Do you like to leave for quick climbs in between your work breaks? Do you like to get away from the hectic schedule of everyday life but do not want to go through the hassle of buying the right clothes and changing them repeatedly?Look no further, for you have just hit the jackpot.

Axiom jeans are the kinds of jeans that you can wear to the office. Alternatively, it can also be used for going on climbing escapades should your mind demand so. These jeans combine the best of both the corporate and natural world, giving you the flexibility to work and play easily.

These stylish pieces of denim look like any ordinary pair of jeans that you might wear out to a party or a night out. However,their inconspicuous design and inbuilt features make them equally excellent climbing paraphernalia. You might want to avoid alpine and trad climbs, but these are your best bet in terms of feasibility and practicality for any quick outdoor sessions.

These pants are comfortable, offer an exceptional range of movement, and are highly durable. The duality of these pants and their sheer useability propel them to the best climbing pants on this list. So get up and invest in these multi-functional jeans today.


  • Stylish
  • Flexible
  • Gusseted crotch
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Economical
  • Ideal for cragging and bouldering


  • Nonarticulated knees
  • Lacks in the breathability department
  • Length cannot be adjusted on a whim.

5. Eddie Bauer Guide Pro

Eddie Bauer Men's Guide Pro Pants, Black Regular 34/32

Are you looking for some hidden gems in this collection? Do you like rooting for the competent underdog? Well then, Eddie Bauer is here to give other brands a run for their money.

While it is often overlooked in the search for climbing pants, Eddie Bauer Guide Pro is nevertheless a definite gem. The stretchy material makes it stick to your skin without being overly suffocating or movementrestricting.

This makes it easier for you to navigate all cuts and corners while minimizing snags and holdups caused in close quarters. This athletic cut also allows you to roll the pant legs up above your calves so that you can easily navigate those damp and sticky areas without worrying about your attire too much. Moreover, they’re designed in a manner that ensures they won‘t roll back down even in the middle of your climbs.

The DWR-treated fabric is also reasonably effective in repelling water if you get caught in a mist or drizzle. However, in the case of sunny weather, the UPF 50 protection will not be of much help.

While their products’ stretchiness is commendable, Eddi Bauer’s sewing scheme and thread material aren’t meant for extreme environments. Over several months or years, they will need to be replaced. What they lack in the reusability department is more than made up for in their durability and versatility departments. If you?re interested in the features mentioned above, get up and buy these pants as they could be the best climbing pants you own.


  • Lightweight
  • Stretchy
  • Versatile
  • Flexible
  • Water-resistant
  • Affordable


  • Lacks in the durability department
  • It doesn’t provide much protection during warmer climbs

6. Topo Designs Climb Pants

Are you hurting for cash but still want to hike? Are you looking for affordable pants, but the ones that won’t give up on you in the middle of your climb? Topo is here to take care of all your problems.

Topo Designs Climb Pants are stylish and reliable all-rounders. Although they don’t quite reach the level of sophistication as that of their competitions, they do provide some rock-solid (pun intended) features and comforts at an affordable price

The gusseted crotch, plenty of pockets, and a respectable range of movement make it an excellent choice at this price range. The integrated belt and ever-handy chalk bag loop are the cherries on top at this price range. The superb build material increases breathability, and its versatile nature increases its charm.

Although they won’t give you the durability required for testy boulders or sport climbs, they are pretty good for rookie climbers or long trad climbs. They are ideal for those looking for alternatives to the lower fiscal department, too.

Barring its water repellency, there isn’t much that you would be missing out on by choosing these pants. So, while they are cheap and lack a few features that are more prevalent in the higher ended models, their sheer availability and affordability coupled with other features give them the right to befeatured on this list of best climbing pants.


  • The cotton-Lycra blended fabric is nice and stretchy.
  • Integrated belt
  • Chalk bag loop
  • Gusseted crotch
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for warmer trad climbs
  • Multiple pockets


  • Lacks flexibility as compared to others in the same range
  • Lacks some features

7. La Sportiva Arete Pants

Are you looking for great flexibility and room for your skin to breathe without compromising on the features and durability that your pants have to offer? Are you looking for reliable brands at affordable rates to help you in your pursuit of the unknown? La Sportiva is here with its hiking collection to ease the burden off your shoulders.

Built with premium materials that promote breathability and comfort, these pants retain the same flexibility that many of its competitors are trying to achieve. The Arco might just be one of the best climbing pants for indoor and crag climbing.

They are light in weight (around 12.7 oz) and have a foldable waist for improved comfort while connected to harnesses. The articulated knees and integrated toothbrush pocket just increase its versatility, in addition to the presence of a gusseted crotch.

Their relaxed fit is ideal for people who want to get the maximum range of movement from their clothes. The bottom hem cinch allows you to adjust the length to suit your needs, as well. While they won’t be the warmest pants out there, they will get the job done without much hassle. The lack of water resistance might turn off some climbers, but otherwise, these pants are excellent for cragging, bouldering, and wall climbing.

Lastly, with the vast array of colors available, you can choose the one that matches your personality and delve into your next adventure.


  • Foldable waist
  • Articulated knees
  • Gusseted crotch
  • Toothbrush pocket
  • Comfortable
  • Ankle cinch
  • Excellent breathability


  • Lack of water resistance
  • Not suited for warmer treks
  • Lack of a few features might cause problems for some buyers.

8. Arc’teryx Gamma Rock Plant

Arc'teryx Gamma AR Pant Men's (Cobalt Moon, XX-Large)

Did you just get your paycheck credited and now want to blow it off on a fabulous pair of pants? Something that would remain with you for a long time and help you navigate all your climbs easily? Do you also hold durability in esteem and do not want the hassle of changing your pants after every trek out of the fear of having them damaged? Arc’teryx Gamma has got you covered.

These pants might be a bit on the heavier side, but besides that, there is little else to find fault with. Arc’teryx went all out with this entry, so it includes all features you might expect to find in a pair of pants like these. They are water-resistant, flexible, warm, and breathable. The materials used add to its already impressive durability, and it also boasts of a bunch of add ons.

Some of the fantastic add ons include its built-in chalk bag loop, along with an integrated belt and a four-way stretch. The gusseted inseam and numerous pockets only add to its charm and versatility.

However, all of these features and add ons come at a cost. The premium quality and multiple features make it a bit pricey compared to other entries on this guide. Although, if you are willing to shed some money to get these amazing pants, you will not regret it. If not for the cost prohibition, these would be the best climbing pants on this guide.


  • Remarkable for alpine and trad climbs
  • Warm
  • Flexible
  • Gusseted crotch
  • Water-resistant
  • Integrated belt
  • Built-in chalk bag loop


  • Lies on the priciest end of the spectrum
  • Fairly heavy as compared to some of the other entries

9. Outdoor Research Cirque

Outdoor Research Men's Cirque II Pants Black

Are you gung ho on tackling those alpine climbs that you have been avoidingall this while? Do you think twice about alpine climbs because of the weather and state of your pants? Well then, worry not. Outdoor Research Cirque has created these beautiful pants to keep you warm and cozy even in the harshest of climates.

As everyone already knows, alpine climbs can be quite a chilly experience, but this is where Cirque comes in. These pants sport a double-weave design built specially to lock the heat inside. The bootlace hook and wind-resistant design work in tandem to make these pants your best bet for conquering those bone chilling and chatter inducing climbs.

Although it is a bit pricier than others on this list, they come with all the add ons and features. The articulated knees and stretchy fit allow you the freedom of movement and save your legs from the hostile environment. Considering everything, these pants could be a perfect addition to your already unique and astounding collection. With these pants in hand, you won’t ever have to think twice about your attire regarding any cold and alpine climbs.


  • Warm and suitable for alpine climbs
  • Articulated knees
  • Great freedom of movement
  • Durable
  • Flexible


  • Not suitable for warmer trails
  • Bulkier as compared to other entries
  • A bit pricier than some of its competitors

10. Mountain Hardwear AP

Mountain Hardwear Men's AP Pant for Hiking, Climbing, Camping, and Casual Everyday - Golden Brown - 32W x 30L

Do you want to look for adventures while going about your daily life? Do everyday escapades excite you more than wellthoughtout outings? Do you want trousers that can have multiple uses even outside of the climbing arena? Well, look no further. Mountain Hardwear AP is here to take care of all your problems.

These pants are perfect for cycling or short night runs. The fusion of cotton and nylon brings with it the best of both worlds. They are sleek and stylish, all the while being functional and full of add on features.

The articulated knees help significantly in ensuring smooth movement. The integrated snaps keep your pant legs secure above your ankles. If you explore a bit more and roll up the pant legs, you will find that it sports two reflective strips that are perfect for climbing or cycling in the dark.

Some people might find these pants a bit stiff. It might take you a little bit of getting used to, but once you do, it is smooth sailing for all your adventures and escapades. Moreover, they certainly make the cut for the title of best climbing pants with their highly versatile design.


  • Lightweight
  • All-rounders
  • Durable and fast-drying material
  • Allow superb ease of movement
  • Highly versatile


  • These are some of the more artistically simple entries on this list
  • People have also reported them being stiffer than some other pants

11. Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pant

The Ferrosi is a well-respected softshell in its own right, but the pants deserve their acclaim.

The most significant upside of owning these pants is the feel. One can hardly notice the pants while wearing them. The fabric is thin and light, with exceptional mobility and superb breathability.

They’re nearly as comfortable as a cozy pair of sweatpants while as light and mobile as a pair of gym shorts. The material is86% nylon and 14% spandex, offering you the best that both the fabrics have individually to offer.

They’re as protective as they’re airy, bombproof, and durable. The fabric is light but impressively weatherproof. The cherry on top is that the pants are quite affordable and on the cheaper end of the spectrum. The pants have a simple design, without any unnecessary frills or features. The thigh pocket is highly functional and appropriately sized.

The main downside to Ferrosis is the absence of external functionality. There is a cinch device on the leg cuffs, but it’s not as powerful as most trousers. The waist is non-adjustable, and a separate belt could be required. However, every suitable object has its flaws, just like humans. So, while these drawbacks are not dealbreakers per se, keeping them in mind is still essential.

They are not the most fashionable pants out there, but people hardly pay attention to appearances when a person is climbing.


  • Multifabric design
  • Strong and durable design
  • Simple and effective
  • Decent leg cuffs
  • Affordable


  • Not the most fashionable pants out there
  • Leg cinches could use some improvement
  • Only suitable for some kinds of climbs

12. Black Diamond Notion Pant

Black Diamond Equipment - Men's Notion Pants - Ink Blue - Large

Are you a connoisseur of a lightweight yet durable pair of pants? Does the idea of having unparalleled mobility and breathability excite you? The Black Diamond notion pants promise to deliver all that and so much more.

They use a lightweight cotton structure with drawstring belts. This is a deviation from the norm that other companies have set. No pockets, no zip. Only elastic cuffs.

These feel right at home when indoors. The cotton stretch looks good and moves quite smoothly. It is so comfortable that one could do yoga and rock climbing and not notice the difference.

Breathability is excellent, and convenience is first-rate. However, that’s where the mobility stops. It is a widely accepted fact that these aren’t the most weatherproof pants. They also lack zip pockets. This can be uncomfortable for outdoor activities but can be perfect for indoor climbs and gyms.

These look more like sweatpants than climber pants, but they play the role quite well. It isn’t always a bad thing to have pants geared towards one aspect of climbing (after all, every pair of pants can’t be an all-rounder). However, people tend to look for more features for the same amount of price.

They are also useful for swimming, bouldering at the gym, yoga, and a ton of other activities. While they are not warm, you won’t have a problem unless you plan on going for alpine climbs. Moreover, the styling is pretty unique, which might turn some people off. On the other hand, they could also be the dream pants for someone looking for them specifically.

These pants are the most comfortable in temperatures around 50C. The light and breathable nature allow for excellent ventilation without cutting down on movement or style. However, if you are looking forward to the climbs, it is better to start looking elsewhere. These pants are more durable than they look. Despite going through countless day hikes, yoga classes, and bouldering exercises, the pants still have more than enough life left in them.

So much so that they won’t fray or scuff even after a hard (in climbers terms, “good”) day of work and adventure. For a climber who needs a pair they can use as more than just climbing trousers, the Notion Pants are the best climbing pants. They’re so versatile that you’ll find yourself wearing them quickly on your days of rest to bike around town or hang out with friends. The material is 98% cotton and 2% elastane, which promises to deliver durability and style.

Choose these pants carefully. They are excellent for indoor arenas and some outdoor activities. However, it would be best if you had the whole picture in front of you first before zoning in on a pair of pants.


  • They are lightweight and breathable
  • A mix of both cotton and elastane
  • Highly durable
  • Perfect for indoor activities
  • Quirky style


  • More geared towards indoor activities
  • It is not wholly weatherproof and might leave you wanting for more
  • It lacks some of the inbuilt features that other pants offer at this range
  • Not suitable for heavy workload or alpine climbs

13. Carhartt Washed Duck Dungaree Work Pant

Carhartt Men's Washed Duck Work Dungaree Pant, Moss, 36W x 32L

Are you looking for a quick and cheap option? Do you want something that would provide all the essential and necessary features without the frills and add ons holding you back? Carhartt has designed just that.

Naturally, being a budget option, these pants were woefully outclassed. It should not come as a surprise, as these are considered to be one of the best budget options for people looking for just the basics or people looking for challenging their normal routine by introducing some extra variables. These are amongst some of the heaviest pants on this list.

Their heavy nature hinders mobility, which seems to be the biggest drawback. The thick cloth does not stretch much, making it difficult for activities that involve an extensive range of motion from the user.

The pants are thick, so naturally, they are well suited for alpine climbs. They got the design part down to pure physics and have exploited the hell out of it. So it is bound to turn some heads along the way. A large number of pockets add to its charm and usability. Moreover, the high durability and rugged fabric make it indestructible, even in the most challenging environments. This is the cheapest, most durable, and reliable option on this guide.

There’s not much use for utility pockets, but the hammer loop might accommodate any extra gear (aside from the hammer, obviously). The material is made of 100% cotton, thus ensuring the best for your precious pair.


  • Warm and heavy
  • Extremely durable
  • Completely cotton built
  • Lots of pockets
  • Highly unique and creative design


  • Heaviness might hinder a lot of people
  • The quirky design might be a dealbreaker
  • Low breathability
  • Not from a well-established brand

14. Tbmpoy Men’s Outdoor Hiking Mountain Pants

TBMPOY Men's Lightweight Pants Quick Dry Hiking Mountain Fishing Cargo Outdoor Pants(03 Thin ArmyGreen,us L)

Going on a hike or going to work becomes a whole lot easier with TBMPOY Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Hiking Pants in your closet. It comes with a unique and sleek style with zippers on both sides and versatility for three seasons that help you wear it almost all year round. So, the TBMPOY Men’s Outdoor Fast Dry Hiking Pants might be one of the best climbing pants you can get right now with all this and the quick-dry feature as seen in its name.

With 85% Polyamide and 15% spandex composition, the pants come with adjustable waist size and the high-quality feeling found in much more expensive cargo pants. The elastic waist helps you have a relaxed fit and the camping climbing versatility that you would need in a pair of hiking mountain trousers.

These are also a pair of nearly waterproof hiking mountain pants, going away from the stretchy belt that so many other pants seek to incorporate. “Nearly.”Because the cloth is just water-resistant, meaning that when immersed in water, you will be protected from leaks or minor splashes, but it won’t hold up.

Even so, you will be pleased to know that the TBMPOY Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Hiking Pants come with a quick-dry fabric that allows them to dry up without taking too much time. Thus, making them one of the best hiking pants for outdoor activities such as kayaking or fishing.


  • Water-resistant and quick dry feature
  • Adjustable waist
  • 3 season flexibility
  • Durable
  • Elastic and stretchy
  • Affordable
  • Quite a sleek design


  • Maybe a bit tight for some people
  • Less comfortable as compared to some other entries

15. Magcomsen Men’s Winter Snow Pants

MAGCOMSEN Snowboarding Pants Men Winter Pants for Men Climbing Pants Hiking Pants Camping Pants Warm Pants for Men

This winter favorite is a men’s fashion staple, with zipper closure, the essential outdoor winter trousers, ideal for casual wear in winter. Suitable for skiing, snowboarding, snow sports, cycling, camping, climbing, hunting, and other recreational winter events.

The outer shell is made of water-resistant, windproof, sealed, wrinkle-free, soft shell cloth consisting of polyester and spandex. The fleece lining is createdby usinggranule fleece for heat retention.

These are professional water repellent pants that keep your legs always dry, warm, and comfortable. You won’t worry about getting wet while skiing, snowboarding, hunting, hiking in inclement weather. These soft fleece-lined winter pants with waterproof shell fabric ensure the most robust heat retention that will keep you warm during the cold winter months.


  • Has intuitive layout
  • Lots of features
  • Affordable and economical
  • Good for winter-based activities
  • The fabric has lots of upsides and adds ons that are useful for the activities that it is geared towards


  • The fabric might irritate some people
  • Geared towards “colder” activities

Best Climbing Pants – Conclusion

If you look closely, you will find that most of the pants follow a similar basic design. Use a mobile and durable base as a template, add pockets and features to it, and increase mobility. Voila! You have just created your very first pair of climbing pants. So, while most of the pants have similar features and add ons, it is still necessary to choose your pair according to the treks and the types of climates you will be taking on. We only featured the best of the best from the multitudes available out there, and while this isn’t an exhaustive list, it is pretty close to one. There is no set formula for the best climbing pants, but you can surely zone in on one with research and trial.

How Do I Choose A Suitable Pair Of Pants?

It can be hard to find the perfect pants for your climbing needs. The vast number of pants available out there don’t reduce the problem in any way. While you can climb in your everyday jeans, it will be much more uncomfortable and tricky to traverse the boulders and rocks in your path. Moreover, the wrong type of pants can cause chafing and lead to many problems down the road.

Now you might think of using yoga pants for trekking. While they are comfortable, they cannot protect you from the perils of the hostile environmentyou will be trekking in. Thus, choosing a suitable pair of pants requires some research and use of forethought.

1. Fabric Material

The pants have a range of fabric types, and all the fabrics exhibit their unique properties in different ways and methods. Mainly, though, they can be classified as Nylon and Cotton.

Nylon is a lightweight and elastic material, which increases breathability. This helps prevent a buildup of sweat and other impurities. This also allows it to dry quickly and hence, is suitable for warmer climbs.

Cotton is softer as compared to nylon and equally breathable. Moreover, it can also dry quickly and is exceptionally lightweight. However, they are not as durable as their nylon counterparts.

If breathability is important to you, go for lighter pants and pants made of nylon or cotton. The weight plays an essential role in determining the maneuverability and the ventilation provided to your body.

However, if you care more about the functionality, then try to go for versatile pants. The multitudes of features and add ons would make your climb easy and a thing to remember forever.

The fabric also changes the fit. If possible, always try on the pants you are about to buy before buying them.

2. Matching Your Gear With Your Climb

The type of climb also determines the kind of pants needed. This all boils down to the fact that different climbs utilize different portions of your muscles and body and are also highly dynamic, requiringthe use of quick wit and movement to combat nature. For example, the range of motions required in bouldering and cragging is usually higher than alpine and trad climbing.

Therefore, a gusseted crotch and a nice amount of stretch are a must on such climbs. On the other hand, alpine and similar climbs demand comparatively heavier and warmer pants. Water repellency is a welcome feature, as is the highly durable nature.

3. Extra Features

There are tons of features that every pair of pants has. From gusseted crotch to articulated knees, all features have their uses, pros, and cons. Some are heavy, and others are lightweight. Your ideal type is based on your preferences. Do you like having many pockets, or does the idea of having integrated belts and chalk bag loops excite you more?

And finally, you also need to keep in mind what features would increase the performance during your adventures.

The number of pockets also determines how easily you can reach and store essential things during your climbs. After all, you cannot always make it into your backpacks to grab the things that you need while climbing. The relative positioning and amount of safety offered is also something to keep in mind. Closable pockets provide an extra layer of protection as compared to non-closable ones.

The ventilation is another crucial aspect that should be kept in mind while choosing a pair for yourself. Breathable and well-ventilated pants are the stepping stones to having a unique and adventurous time while climbing. They are mostly suitable for warmer climbs, whereas pants that retain heat are given more importance for the more temperate and alpine climbs (as they come handy in retaining warmth while combating the biting cold that nature provides).

Adjustable waistbands are another add on that come in handy. Elastic waistbands are an excellent feature to have when you want to shed off the weight of wearing extra belts to hold the pants on. They increase your pants’ lifespan by using extra layers of fabrics in areas prone to being worn out. Tight pants will only make your exercise seem boring and painful. SPF protection is another feature to look at. There are too many features to consolidate here, but most have already been covered and discussed over.

Whatever your preferences might be, all you need to do is do a little bit of research and carefully try out your choices.

4. Mobility-Focused Design

Aside from all the above features, the cut of the pant itself needs to be geared to allow for all the different and wacky movements that climbers tend to make while executing their moves. The most prominent mobility functions include (but are not restricted to) a gusseted crotch, which allows for a higher than normal hip mobility, and the articulated knees, which give room for maximizing your leg bend without causing pinches or bindings in the fabric.

What Is The Meaning Of Various Terminologies Used?

There are many terminologies used to refer to the features that these pants provide. The first step to buying good pants is finding the various terminologies and their uses.

1. Gusseted crotch

It is like an added material in the area surrounding the crotch. This is more anatomically agreeable for males (as is generally known). It is also more accommodating than a standard pant crotch and allows you to get full use of your mobility without having to worry about any damage to any area.

2. Ankle-Cinch

It is a convenient feature that helps you adjust the length of your pants very easily. This feature also gives you the option of converting your pants into shorts on some very sweaty days or into three-quarter sizes for some muddy and damp climbs.

3. Toothbrush Pocket

This is the sort of option that would interest people obsessed with hygiene. Allowing you to keep your toothbrush readily available while also providing you with the knowledge of its safety keeps everyone aware of their priorities while out in the wild. The brush can also have multiple uses aside from dental hygiene, includingbrushing rocks or cleaning ruins amongst a vast array of other benefits. So, having a dedicated and easily reachable pocket for an item is an excellent addition.

4. Closable Pockets

Everyone is paranoid about misplacing their precious artifacts in the heat of the moment. We all have gone through the trauma of losing something from our pockets without noticing it. So, it stands to reason that closable pockets would have a higher demand in those areas where the body goes to its extreme limits. It is also an excellent addition to have if you want essential things stored away in easily reachable but safe and secure areas.

5. Chalk Bag Loop

Finally, we have chalk bag loops. These are mainly geared towards boulders and free climbers. These loops allow you to clip on chalk bags (used for marking areas and increasing grip) without the hassle of storing them away in your backpacks. This also allows for easy usage of the said chalk without reopening the whole pack again and again.

FAQs on Climbing Pants

Q1. Baggy Cuts Vs. Athletic Cuts- Which One Is Better?

Some people love wearing baggy pants, and others look for a more athletic fit. Both are equally suited for different types of climbs. It all comes down to your preferences. For reference, guides tend to suggest baggy fits for bouldering and gym climbing and athletic ones for multi-pitch climbs. However, this is not a rule of thumb. Anything that you feel comfortable with, you should buy. Baggy clothes tend to brush against rocks during climbs. This might reduce its durability, but otherwise, it is terrific to go for any type of fit you prefer.

Q2. Should I Buy Full Panthers Of Half-length Ones?

The type of pants that you buy depends on the area that you would be exploring. Half-sized ones would be good for cragging and warmer climbs. They tend to allow for more room for movement than full-length ones and are also exceptionally breathable. However, you should not consider them for alpine climbs, where temperatures tend to go down a lot. So, aside from temperate and breathability factors, you can choose any pants that you like. It all comes down to your fashion sense, after all.