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Best Wall Tents 2023: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

There are many types of camping tents available in the market. For avid campers, choosing from the variety is an easy task. For camping amateurs, not so much.

Wall tents are tents that emulate the shape of a small room. They have four walls and a classic triangle tent roof, which gives the feeling of being in a small room.

Wall tents are ideal when you are going camping with a group. They will be able to hold more people at once and will also reduce the hassle of bending for tall people.

Wall tents have been in use since the American Civil War in 1861. In today?s time, they are mostly used by hunters. Hunters can fit more people and their supplies in the tents.

Another use of these tents in recent years is ?glamping.? Glamping refers to glamorous camping. Since the wall tents are more structured, they are considered further luxurious than normal tents.

The best wall tent are built to be extremely sturdy and comfortable. They have large frames to hold up the walls and remain stable. The framework of these tents is comparatively thicker due to the shape they must be able to hold.

Wall tents are the perfect option for most terrains. Different tents are made out of a variety of materials. However, almost all will be able to withstand a range of weather conditions.

They are very versatile and a must for your group camping trips or even your glamping trips! This guide will outline the best wall tents and what to consider while buying them.

Top 10 Best Wall Tents 2023

1. Playdo 3M Bell Wall Tent

PlayDo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent Large Glamping Wall Tent with Stove Jack Hole and Power Cable Inlet

This wall tent is by the brand Playdo. It is a great tent with a lot of features that will come in handy in the wild.

The walls are built out of a 300gsm cotton fabric, which makes the tent 100% waterproof. Since the canvas is waterproof, it is good for places with light snow as well.

It can withhold during moderate winds and rain. It will also be able to reflect the harsh sun and light up the inside just enough. The material is why this tent is suitable for all four seasons.

The tent has air vents on the roof with bug mesh to ensure only air comes in. It also has windows that can be opened using the zips around them. The window?s canvas will unzip, and the mesh will allow the breeze to come in.

The entry door of the tent has a net behind it. You can roll up the cotton canvas wall and zip the net to allow the air to come in. The mesh is fine enough to keep mosquitos and bugs away.

This tent has a stove jack. Through this, you can expel the smoke from your stove through a pipe outside. This way, the inside of the tent will not get filled with smoke.

The material on the outside of the stock jack is heat resistant. It will not catch fire even at high temperatures. When not in use, it can be covered with flaps to ensure nothing enters the tent. So, you can cook as much as you like very safely!

It has a hole for electric cables in case you want to attach some lights or electronics. In hotter places, an air conditioning wire can be put through this hole to provide some much-needed relief.

The zippers used in the tent are strong SBS zippers. They are heavy duty and will not break even after consistent use.

The floor of the tent is detachable. So, you can choose to use the walls as a way to provide shade and protection.

The tent comes in 5 different sizes. The sizes range from 3M/9.8ft to 7M/23ft. You will easily be able to find a size that is best suited for you. The smallest size can accommodate two people, while the biggest tent can easily accommodate ten people.

One of the best features of this tent is its portability. Everything, including the canvas and the frame, can be fit into a carry bag. You can take this tent with you everywhere without any hassle.

The tent does not require more than one person to set it up. Just one person will also be able to build the whole tent in about 20 minutes.

2. Unp Canopy Tent

unp Pop up Canopy Tent Straight Leg Universal Instant Gazebo Waterproof Sun Shelter with Wheeled Carry Bag 10’X10', for Outdoor Party, Gathering, Camping, Picnics, Market Stall, Market Trade Show

The UNP Canopy Tent is one of the most affordable options you can find! This should definitely be on your watch list. It is high-quality, affordable, and checks all boxes.

The canvas of the walls is made out of 100% polyester. It has three mesh windows to ensure cross ventilation. The door of the tent is also a durable mesh that will keep away bugs. The roof is also well-vented.

The tent also has dedicated gear pockets where you can store your supplies. There are electrical ports for you to easily connect cables as well.

The tent is a great size, and it can fit two full-size air mattresses or up to 5 sleeping bags. People with a height of 6?4? can easily stand inside without hitting their head. The tent has around 588 cubic feet of room inside.

This tent can be set up very easily. The walls only need to be attached to the 10×10 pop-up frame. It can be connected with the durable Velcro and strapped together.

It is even easier to dismantle than to set up. Just remove the hooks, and the tent will come undone. It will not take even a minute to disintegrate it.

Overall, this tent has a good amount of features to keep you comfortable. The assembly of this tent makes it very travel-friendly.

3. Core Cabin Tent

CORE 12 Person Extra Large Straight Wall Cabin Tent - 16' x 11'

The CORE Straight Wall Cabin Tent is one of the best tents out there in the market right now, ranking under 200 in the best selling camping tents list.

You really can?t ask for more from a tent as it?s massive, with a 16 feet x 11 feet floor space. The centre height is a little more than 7 feet. It has the capacity to hold up to 12 people comfortably.

With such a high ceiling height, guests can walk around without having to bend their backs and cram themselves into the tent. It?s comfortable and cozy at the same time.

The tent will keep you safe from the elements as it has a water-repellant rainfly. It is also removable whenever not needed to show the mesh ceiling. The mesh ceiling is a nice feature when you want to stargaze on clear nights.

The adjustable air intake vents always keep the tent cool and make sure to let out the warm air as per your liking. The air ventilation system keeps the tent comfortable in all seasons, making it suitable for all weather.

Overall, this is a great option if you are planning a trip away with a large group.

4. PlayDo 5M Wall Tent

PlayDo 5M/16.4ft Waterproof Cotton Canvas Wall Tent Bell Yurts Tent with Stove Hole for 6-8 Person Camping Hiking Hunting Festival Party

The PlayDo Canvas Wall tent is made of a perfect blend of budget-friendly features . It falls quite nicely into the mid-range of wall tents. It is ideal for the annual family camping trip as it can fit about six people comfortably.

The highlight of this tent would be the pipe vent that comes with the package. It lets you cook food inside the tent without having to open up all the walls. This way you won?t be smoking up the whole tent.

It?s a step up from the 3-meter version, but it maintains the quality and also improves upon it to meet your needs.

It?s about 10 feet tall, and the groundsheet is around 16 feet in diameter, so there?s plenty of space. If you have the time and the will, you could live in this thing for a couple of months. You could even spend a whole summer with your family or friends in the wilderness.

It is pretty durable as the walls are made of substantial cotton and the floor was built with PVC. You don’t have to worry about it tearing or getting damaged by the weather or pesky critters.

It handles the rain well as it is waterproof. It is also held down pretty well by the ground spokes all around the tent.

There?s a good amount of ventilation with the 4 top vents and mesh windows, so you don?t feel claustrophobic inside.

Overall, the PlayDo Canvas wall tent is a great mid-size tent that should meet nearly all of your needs. With very little to improve upon, it is the right choice for family outings or almost any other occasion.

5. OneTigris Wall Tent

The OneTigris Iron Wall Stove tent is a great beginner tent if you are getting into trekking by yourself and taking the time to explore the local wilderness.

It?s really simple to set up even if you?ve never touched a tent in your life before, as you set up a single-pole in the centre and the rest of the tent just falls into place.

It?s got a decent amount of space, enough for a single person to sleep in comfortably without having to curl up into a ball or compromise.

Made of silicon-coated nylon, it?s quite resistant to the elements. Not only the material but the shape (which is heptagonal) keeps it grounded, so rest assured because this thing is not going anywhere even on a particularly windy night.

It comes with an inbuilt space separator which allows you to convert the area near the front into a fireplace.

The colour is a shade of green that blends pretty well with the surroundings if you are camping out in a place with a lot of trees. It?s certainly not perfect camouflage, but neither is it an eyesore at the same time.

It weighs just shy of 2 kilograms, which makes it easy to carry around with your sleeping bag and other camping gear. This is a big plus when you?re travelling alone and don?t want to take up a lot of space or weight to hold you back from exploring on your adventure.

Overall the OneTigris tent is a great way to get into camping on a budget as it meets all the minimal criteria you would need in a simple assortment of gear.

6. Ozark Family Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail 10 Person 2 Room Straight Wall Family Cabin Tent

The Ozark Trail family tent cabin is one of the best tents in the market. It has two different rooms that are great for privacy.

It’s spacious enough to accommodate ten people at once with two queen-sized air beds or ten sleeping bags. It can fit tall people very comfortably with a centre height of 86 inches. It also provides ample space to move around freely.

It even comes with a room divider to separate the living and sleeping areas. It also has large windows on all sides.

It includes a gear loft, 14 steel tent stakes. Electrical cord access is also included for added convenience.

The top part is made of a screen to provide lasting rain protection. It also has a factory-welded 6″ tub floor. It comes with a carry bag for easy transport and storage when not in use.

All of the features combined make it an ideal necessity for families who enjoy spending time outdoors without giving up the comfort of their home.

7. Guide Gear Tent Floor

Guide Gear Wall Tent Floor, 10' x 12'

This product is not a wall tent but a tent floor. It is made of PVC material. The dimensions of this tent flooring are 23 x 3.75 x 14 inches. It weighs 15.6 Pounds.

This flooring is waterproof and provides warmth, thus proving to be a great addition to your wall tent. It is a layer of protection between you and the ground. The bugs will not be able to reach you at night.

The flooring should be placed between the legs of the tent and the cloth of the walls. This placement will ensure that it sits perfectly.

If your wall tent does not have flooring, this is an excellent buy for you. You can also consider getting this if the existing flooring of your wall tent is thin and you want an extra layer of protection.

8. Danchel Double Wall Tent

DANCHEL OUTDOOR Double Wall Full Mesh Cotton Canvas Spacious Bell Tents with Top Fiberglass Stove Jacket, 13ft

This is one of the most aesthetic looking tents on this list. It has a great design, which is very versatile, and ideal for parties or other events you are hosting in the wild.

The wall canvas is made of 300 gsm rainproof cotton, and the flooring is made of high-quality PVC. The whole tent is built of high quality and will not degrade easily.

The best part about this tent is that it has double layer protection. In addition to the canvas, the walls also have a thick mesh layer. This will ensure that no bugs get inside the tent. You also get the option of rolling up the walls and windows with this double layer protection.

This tent is a four-season tent, as well. It can be used in most terrains. It has a stove pocket to use a stove inside without any hassle. The fibre-glass around the stove pocket is fireproof.

This tent has an easy setup and dismantling feature as well. Overall, it is a great option for bigger groups as it has a lot of space. It also comes with a 2-year warranty.

9. Core Wall Cabin Tent

CORE 4 Person / 6 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tents (4 Person)

This tent is a great affordable option. It provides high quality but in a lower price range.

The cabin is very spacious, and people can stand inside comfortably, too. There is no need for anyone to crawl. It will also fit one queen size air mattress.

This tent has a mesh, too. The roof?s rainfly can come off, and you can stargaze through the mesh on clear nights. The ground vents bring in the cool air from the ground, and the roof vent releases hot air back out. This keeps the cabin cool.

There is a lantern hook given inside. A gear loft is also provided to store your goods. The tent comes with a gear bag, carry bag for the tent, and its stakes.

Overall, this tent is a great option if you are looking for something in the lower price range. It also comes with a one year warranty.

10. Ot Qomotop Advance Wall Tent

OT QOMOTOP Tents, 4 Person 60 Seconds Set Up Camping Tent, Waterproof Pop Up Tent with Top Rainfly, Instant Cabin Tent, Advanced Venting Design, Provide Gate Mat

This tent is slightly more advanced compared to other tents. It does have all the standard features with some add ons that make it an excellent option, as well.

The best feature about this tent is that you can set it up in 60 seconds! The inner tent is already pre-attached, which is why you can put it together so effortlessly.

The tent is waterproof and can withstand even heavy rainfall. There will not be any leakages inside the tent.

The interior is very spacious. It is 8 x 8 feet with 4?11? inch centre height. It can easily fit one queen size bed in addition to your camping gear. It can comfortably be used by two adults and two children.

It has a great ventilation system, with a mesh roof and several windows. The ground vent gives better ventilation compared to other tents, and it also reduces the water condensation that happens inside of the tent at night.

There is an electrical cord port. It also includes a mud mat, gear pocket, gear loft, and tent stakes.

To conclude, this tent is easier to set up compared to every other tent on this list. It is imported and made of high-quality.

Factors To Consider While Buying Best Wall Tent

1. Terrain

It is important to consider what terrain you will be camping on before buying the tent. If the ground is very rocky or sandy, you will have to make sure the tent?s flooring can withstand it.

2. Rainfall

If the place you are going to is going to have a lot of rainfall, you should make sure your tent is waterproof. If the inside of your tent gets wet, your supplies might get ruined, and you can fall sick, too. So, having a rainproof tent is very important!

3. Floor

The floor of the tent needs to be thick and durable. If it is not dense, the warmth will get lost in the ground. This can be an awful experience at night.

If the flooring of the tent you like isn?t that great, consider buying extra PVC flooring.

4. Frame

The frame of the tent has to be sturdy. Otherwise, the tent is susceptible to flying away in even moderate winds. If the frame of your tent is not adequately sturdy, consider getting a new one put in.

While buying, the best way to know about the tent?s frame is to ask about the material it is made of. Do some research about the best materials the frame should be made of.

Best Wall Tents – Conclusion

For people who have not experienced camping, tent buying can be a big task. Just a little research can go a long way here.

Keep in mind the essential points. Frame, canvas material, floor, and portability are some vital factors to consider, to ensure the tent doesn?t just fly off! Doing some research about the terrain and weather of your campsite will come in handy as well.

Tents can be an easy topic to understand with just a little information. Wall tents are an excellent option for a bigger group of people going camping. They will be able to provide a more comfortable experience compared to normal tents.

To conclude, try to find a tent made of high-quality material that is also portable. We hope this review helped you! Have a fun trip and happy camping!