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Best Tent Cots 2023: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A mix between a tent and a cot? You are surely in for a camping treat! Tent cots are perfect for those who like to camp more comfortably amongst the elements.

Camping can be very harsh at times with difficult terrains. ?Glamping? as it is referred to, is glamorous camping. It is a relatively more luxurious way to camp.

Glamping cuts out the challenges you will most probably face while camping traditionally. The new and improved techniques and equipment ensure the same.

A tent cot is one such piece of equipment. It is a hybrid of a tent and a cot. It gives the camper a snug surface to sleep on that is lifted above the ground. And a sheltered top to keep cover over the head.

Tent cots are not only great for glampers but also traditional campers who want a better sleep experience while out in nature.

Bug bites, rocks pricking the back, and wetness are common issues campers face. With tent cots, these issues are eliminated. Since tent cots are elevated from the ground, the warmth of your body does not get lost in the ground either.

The elevated sleeping platform is not its only advantage. The tent cots also provide a sheltered top, just like normal tents. The benefits of any other tent, the best tent cots can provide them as well.

The first tent cot was sold in 1999, and it has been a hit amongst the camping community since then. Even now, campers love carrying a tent cot with them for a better overall camping experience.

It is clear that tent cots have changed the camping experiences of people for the better. They have also reformed the camping world. Once a camper starts using a tent cot, it is hard to switch back to a sleeping bag on the floor of the tent.

Some of the best tent cots in the market are multi-functional. They can turn into lounge chairs during the day and your bed at night.

Top 15 Best Tent Cots 2023

1. Gymax Tent Cot

This tent cot comes with an easy-to-use manual. This makes it very simple to set up and dismantle as well. The required hardware and accessories are included with the carry bag of the cot.

The fabric of this tent is durable and made of 420D PU coated oxford. The rain fly can handle even the heaviest rain, and the tent will be able to withstand hard conditions. It will not fly during strong winds either.

This is a very compact tent cot, and you will be able to save a lot of space by using it. It is great for not only camping but also picnics or day outings with your family!

The entry door is D-shaped with sturdy zippers and a mesh window to ventilate the inside of the tent. The frame below the cot is made of aluminum and will elevate you 12 inches above the ground.

One of the best things about this tent cot is its prompt delivery. You will most likely receive your order in 3-6 days. If anything is damaged or missing on delivery, the company will help you out the best they can.

2. Yescom Folding Tent Cot

Yescom Folding Tent Cot Oxford Portable Waterproof Camping Cot Outdoor 1-Person Off Ground Tent with Carry Bag

The fabric of this tent is very strong. It is a mix of 210D oxford and 300D oxford, which has a PU coating of 2000mm. The fabric is weatherproof and is resistant to snow as well.

This cot is designed for one person. The maximum weight it can accommodate is 330 pounds. The frame below the cot will raise you fourteen inches above the ground.

There are small air vents that have mesh so that no insects enter the tent. This tent cot is also very affordable compared to other high-end options.

The dimensions when it is opened are 83 7/16″ x 30 11/16″ x 35 5/8″. The size of the cot is 83 7/16″ x 30 11/16″ x 20 1/2″.

The metal frame that holds the cot up can be detached. The cot can be used separately or even as a bench. There are a lot of storage pockets and options for all your belongings. This tent cot even has straps to hang your clothes or towels on.

Overall, this is another great option. It is portable and very high quality. It should last you a long time if taken care of.

3. Kamp-Rite Tent Cot

Kamp-Rite Tent Cot Original Size Tent Cot (Green)

This is a very basic tent cot. It meets all the standard expectations a camper has from a tent cot. But because this is a very basic model, it is extremely pocket-friendly.

It stands 11 inches above the ground and will fit one person. The tent part is made of high-grade polyester and is waterproof as well. There is no rain fly with this tent cot.

The two windows and the entry have a mesh layer to keep the inside ventilated at night. You can stay assured; no critters will be coming inside!

This cot is affordable and very handy. It weighs only 26 pounds and can be easily carried.

4. Winterial Double Tent Cot

This tent cot can fit two people without any discomfort to either. It does not require much work to be built.

The tent cot can handle up to five hundred pounds! It is made of solid nylon fabric and has a mesh lining on every window and the entry door. There are four windows in total.

The frame below the cot is collapsible and is made of aluminum, which will not rust. The fabric of the tent is not heavy and is weatherproof. Dimensions of the tent cot, while it is opened, are 85 x 46 x 41 inches.

5. Kamp-Rite Compact Tent Cot

Kamp-Rite CTC XL Compact Collapsible Sleeping 3 in 1 Tent Cot for 1 Person with Roller Storage Bag, Quick and Easy Setup, Gray

This tent is collapsible and can be carried with your backpack. It fits one person and can be set up really quickly.

It has a lot of head and legroom for the camper to be able to stretch and relax. The tent has two zippered windows with mesh linings to promote airflow.

The frame of the cot is made of powder-coated steel and is corrosion-resistant. The zips, pegs, and poles are corrosion-resistant as well.

This tent cot will provide you a lot of comforts. The dimensions have been increased from the last model to give the camper more room inside. 84 x 33 x 61 inches are its dimensions when opened. It only weighs twenty-eight pounds and can support 350 pounds.

The fabric is 190T and waterproof. It can resist harsh sunlight. A rain fly is included as well.

The tent cot comes in a carry bag, which is also waterproof. The cot and tent can also be used individually. This tent cot will check all the boxes!

6. Outsunny One Person Tent Cot

Outsunny 1 Person Compact Pop Up Portable Folding Outdoor Elevated Camping Cot Tent Combo Set

This tent cot was built to last. It has sturdy fiberglass poles and is made of 190T polyester taffeta fabric. It also has a PVC coating, which makes it waterproof.

It can easily support up to 225 pounds. One person can fit inside the tent without any problems. This tent cot is very easy to set up. You will just need to pop up the frame, and everything will fall into place.

The dimensions of the cot are 76″ x 20.25″ x 17″. The tent?s dimensions are 76″ x 30.25″ x 46.5″.

Overall, this is a great affordable option. However, there is no compromise on quality! This option should be considered if you have a tighter budget.

7. Outsunny Extra-Large Tent Cot

Outsunny Extra Large Compact Pop Up Portable Folding Outdoor Elevated All in One Camping Cot Tent Combo Set

This tent cot is an all-in-one combo. It comes with an air mattress, a cot, a pump, and a bedspread. All of this comes in a carry bag that provides convenience while traveling.

The mattresses and cot can be used separately as well. They are completely detachable from the tent itself. You can lay them out and gaze at the stars!

The fabric of the tent is composed of durable polyester taffeta and canvas. It has a PVC coating, which makes it waterproof and heavy-duty. The frame of the cot is made of aluminum and can withstand up to 350 pounds.

The size of this tent is extra-large, which can fit one person and provide extreme comfort. The air mattress can be inflamed within minutes, and the bedspread is extremely cozy as well.

With a very short setup time, this tent cot is a great option.

8. Redcamp Ultralight Tent Cot

This is a versatile tent. It can be used as a tent cot at night. The metal frame can be removed during the day time to enjoy it as a normal tent. You can open the entry door and use it during an event as well.

The tent itself is waterproof and has a rain-fly. The rain-fly is made of 210T polyester oxford. This makes the tent suitable for a rainy day as well.

The tent itself is made of breathable mesh, which will ventilate the inside and keep the insects out. The tent has fiberglass poles that will not rust. It also has a hook on the roof to hang a light or fan. There are a few pockets to store your stuff as well.

The tent fits one person. The dimensions are 81? x 28? x 37?. It comes with a bag for storage, six windproof ropes, two fiberglass poles, and twelve tent stakes.

The company also gives the customers a one-year warranty on this tent.

9. Kamp-Rite Extra-Large Tent Cot

Kamp-Rite Compact Extra-Large Tent Cot, 44x10x10-Inch

Kamp-Rite has come up with a new ?Compact Tent Cot? (CTC) standard. The tent cot weighs just shy of thirty pounds.

This is the extra-large tent size by this brand. It has more space inside for you to sleep comfortably. It also has a rain-fly to keep the interior warm and dry even during wet weather conditions.

The dimensions are 43?x9?x9? with a sleeping area of 84″ x 32″. It can withstand about four hundred pounds. It also features a storage hammock below the cot.

The tent cot comes with a carry bag and hardware needed to build it. It is easy to build and will provide a good experience.

10. Yescom Single Tent Cot

Yescom Folding Single Tent Cot Oversized Camping Hiking Bed Portable Outdoor Rain Fly, Green

This tent is made of 190T polyester and 600D polyester bottom. The fabric has a 2000mm PU coating for weather and water-resistance. This tent cot also has a 190T polyester rainfly coated with 2000mm PU coating.

The cot can be set up very quickly, it just needs to unfold, and the top should be attached. Its dimensions are 33 7/16″ x 32 11/16″ x 6 5/16″ folded and kept inside the carry-on bag. When opened, the dimensions of this tent cot are 84 1/4″ x 33 7/16″ x 44 1/8″. It weighs roughly 32 pounds.

To ensure air ventilation, the company has provided doors and windows that have mesh in addition to the fabric. The doors and windows have double zippers, which will not wear out even after consistent use. There are air vents as well, with waterproof taped seams.

The roof of this tent cot has a hook for you to hang a lamp or fan. There are pockets inside to keep your belongings organized. The mattress is well padded and will give you a good quality sleep.

The frame of this tent cot is made of aluminum, which will not get rusted. You can use this same cot for years on end without having to worry about wear and tear.

You will truly wake up rejuvenated after sleeping in this tent cot!

11. Tangkula One Person Tent Cot

Tangkula 2-Person Outdoor Camping Tent Cot, Foldable Camping Tent with Air Mattress & Sleeping Bag, Waterproof Elevated Camping Tent with Carry Bag, Portable Camping Tent Cot

This is a very cost-effective option if you want to buy a good quality tent cot. It comes with a sleeping bag, one air mattress, and one inflatable pillow. A pump to inflate these are also included with the tent cot. The pump will make it extremely easy to blow up the mattress and pillow.

The fabric of this tent is made out of high-grade and high-density polyester. The tent is waterproof and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

The metal frame lifts up the cot by 16.5 inches above the ground. This is comparatively more elevated and will give good protection. The frame is very sturdy and will not wave while you’re sleeping inside.

This tent cot can fit one person and a maximum weight of 300 pounds. It can be set up by just one person in a matter of minutes. The cot comes with detailed instructions along with all the takes, poles, and hardware you need to assemble it. Follow them, and you will have a great bed ready for you!

12. Kamp-Rite Personal Tent Cot

Kamp-Rite Original Portable Durable Cot, Converts into Cot, Chair, or Tent w/ Easy Setup, Waterproof Rainfly & Carry Bag Included, Green/Tan

This tent cot is multi-functional. This cot stands 11 inches above the ground. It has pockets inside for you to store small things like your phone and wallet.

The entry door has a mesh and 2 zippers. The zippers are high grade and durable. The mesh allows air flow and ventilates the inside of the cot.

This tent cot is made of 190T nylon fabric, which makes it heavy duty. There are no crossbars under the cot, which eliminates any discomfort. The mattress is soft and will provide a lot of comfort to the camper.

The best part about this tent cot is that it can be doubled as a lounge chair. It has a distinctive hinge design. This lounge chair can be used during the day to sit comfortably and be turned into a sleeping cot at night.

13. Gymax Camping Tent Cot

GYMAX Camping Tent Cot, Folding Tent Combo with Air Mattress & Sleeping Bag, Waterproof Shelter Off-Ground Tent with Carry Bag for Hiking, Camping, Picnic Outdoor Activities (2-Person)

This tent cot is made out of long-lasting polyester. It is also tear-resistant. The fabric is waterproof and sunproof. The door of this cot can be held up by poles. This creates a sunshade which you can sit under.

The frame of this cot keeps it lifted by 20? from the ground. The metal frame is sturdy and will stay stable even on uneven surfaces.

This tent cot comes with an air mattress and a pump to inflate it. It also includes a bedding set. The mattress will provide maximum comfort to the camper.

It can fit two people without compromising on comfort. The nails are windproof and will not be swayed even by strong winds.

Just like most good tent cots, this one is easy to set up too. It comes with a carry bag and is portable.

14. Tangkula Two Person Tent Cot

Tangkula 2-Person Outdoor Camping Tent Cot, Foldable Camping Tent with Air Mattress & Sleeping Bag, Waterproof Elevated Camping Tent with Carry Bag, Portable Camping Tent Cot

This tent cot is amazing for you and your partner or best friend! It will be able to fit two people comfortably.

The tent cot comes with two sleeping bags, two inflatable pillows, and one air mattress. It also comes with a pump to inflate the pillows. You will be extremely comfortable in this tent cot.

To make sure you have the best experience, the tent cot has mesh windows that can be zipped.

The metal frame that lifts the cot above the ground is very sturdy. It will lift the cot 18? above the ground. It will keep away all critters and bugs at night. It can bear up to 405 pounds of weight.

The tent cot is made out of a polyester fabric of very high density. The fabric is waterproof and can withstand harsh weather conditions. You can take this tent cot to most terrains.

It can be set up in a matter of minutes if you follow the instructions. The cot is foldable and will be great for constricted space. It also comes in a wheeled bag, which makes it easy to carry.

15. Kamp-Rite Collapsible Tent Cot

Kamp-Rite CTC XL Compact Collapsible Sleeping 3 in 1 Tent Cot for 1 Person with Roller Storage Bag, Quick and Easy Setup, Gray

This tent cot is collapsible. It can fit one person comfortably. It is a very portable tent cot and can easily be carried while backpacking.

The dimensions of the cot, when opened, are 84 x 33 x 61 inches. When the cot is folded, it is 9 x 42 x 8 inches. It weighs around 28 pounds. The maximum height it reaches is 61 inches.

This tent cot has two windows with good quality zips. You will not feel suffocated at all. It also has a rain fly for when it rains.

The frame of this tent cot is made from powder-coated steel, and the zippers are corrosion-resistant. It is made out of weatherproof 190T fabric, which is a heavy-duty fabric.

This tent cot was designed, keeping in mind the maximum comfort of the camper. It has a lot of headroom, and you can comfortably sit inside. It also has increased width and length for more space. The mattress is really soft, as well.

The cot comes in a duffel bag, which makes it easy to carry. There is also a wheeled carry bag.

The best part about this tent cot is that both the tent and cot can be used individually.

Things To Consider While Buying Best Tent Cot

1. Space

This is a very important factor to consider while buying a tent cot. Are you looking for one that can fit two people? Or a tent cot that can fit one person? And how much comfort would you like to have?

Ask yourself these questions before going to buy a tent cot. If you can compromise comfort a little, you will be able to find a lot of affordable options.

2. Price

Price varies across tent cots. It mostly depends on the material it is made of and the features it is providing. If you want a bigger cot, the price will increase.

However, you don?t need to worry! There are a lot of affordable yet high-quality options in the market. You definitely do not have to compromise on the quality!

3. Cot Comfort

Resting during treks or any other rigorous activity out in nature is very important. Tent cots, in general, provide a lot more comfort to the camper. However, you should look at the mattress that?s being given as well.

Air mattresses are more comfortable than padded mattresses. You ideally want to get a cot where the mattress is thick enough for you to not feel any rods.

4. Ventilation

You will be spending around 6-8 hours inside the tent cot. So, having ventilation is a must.

Look for options that have a very fine mesh lining on the doors and windows. This will promote airflow and keep the insects out. A lot of tent cots also come with air vents with mesh lining. You can look into that as well.

5. Quality

The most important factor, of course, is the quality of the tent cot. The fabric must be high-grade, heavy-duty, and waterproof. Rainfall can be very unexpected, so you want to have a waterproof tent just in case it happens!

Reasons To Buy Tent Cots

1. Less Hassle

Unlike traditional tents, tent cots provide an easier setup experience. You do not have to carry around a lot of stakes or poles once you start using them. Setting up a tent cot will not take more than a few minutes!

Another benefit of using a tent cot is that you don?t need to carry around extra weight. Whether campers admit it or not, the hardware needed to set up traditional tents is heavy.

Tent cots, in general, are designed to be portable and light. They will take off the extra load. However, keep in mind that tent cots are not so light that they can be carried on your back. They are just easier to take along and take lesser space to store compared to normal tents.

2. Protection

Tent cots are elevated from the ground. This feature provides a host of benefits to the camper.

You will be protected from the bugs and insects that come out at night. You will also be protected from water. If it rains at night, you will not have to sleep on the wet and cold ground if you use a tent cot. If any water seeps from the ground, you still won?t get wet.

Usually, at night, most regions tend to get cold. It can be not only uncomfortable but also dangerous to sleep on wet ground. A tent cot eliminates any chances of that happening.

3. Waterproof

The best tent cots will not only be waterproof but also weatherproof. Just like normal tents, they can be used in most weather.

Most tent cots have rain flies to keep the interior dry if it rains. It is possible to detach the rainfly if it is not raining. They are heavy and stable enough to not fly off if it gets windy. The material they are usually made of is able to block the harsh sunlight.

The tent cots will be able to withstand harsh weather conditions. The cover over your head will ensure that you stay dry and warm throughout.

4. Warmth

The main benefit of a tent cot is the warmth it will trap. Since it is elevated from the ground, the heat won?t get lost in the ground. The chances of you getting wet inside are slim to none.

The protective covering over your head will keep the heat trapped inside to keep you warm throughout the night.

5. Multiple Functions

Tent cots are quite versatile. A lot of the brands design their tent cots in such a manner that it can be used for multiple purposes.

The design usually allows you to turn the tent cot into a lounge chair. This is very convenient because you will not have to carry any extra chairs or reclining loungers.

This will decrease the load you will have to carry to the campsite. The tent cots can also be used during other occasions other than just camping. Beaches and festivals are a few other places you can use these ten cots.

6. Variety In Size

Tent cots come in a multitude of sizes. There is surely something for everyone. Depending on your height you can choose which size of tent cot you want.

There are a lot of cots with options to sleep, two people. A standard tent cot fits one person. A lot of brands provide tent cots specially made for kids.

7. Comfort

A lot of tent cots have crisscross bars below the cot. Though you are elevated from the ground, these bars will still hurt your back.

The best tent cots will have a padded sleeping mattress to keep you relaxed. You will wake up well-rested and ready to take on the day!

Frequently Asked Questions on Tent Cots

Q1. Are All Tent Cots Expensive?

The best tent cots seem to be in the higher price range, but this is not the case always. The Tangkula Tent Cot is a great cost-effective option available in the market. The quality has not been compromised either.

Q2. Is It Necessary To Use The Tent And Cot Together?

It is not necessary to use the tent and cot together. A lot of designs allow you to detach the cot from the tent. The cot can then be used as a chair or even just a bed.

Q3. Can The Tent Cot Be Used For Multiple Functions?

Yes, they can be used for more purposes than just the one they were made for. A lot of brands have designed their cots in such a manner that they can turn them into lounge chairs. Some cots can even be turned into traditional tents by removing their frame.

Best Tent Cots – Conclusion

It has become very clear that tent cots are a better option than normal tents. They provide a host of benefits that traditional tents are not able to.

Being elevated from the ground will protect you from the moisture in the ground and any insects or bugs that come at night. You also will not have to feel sharp rocks hitting your back every time you turn. The cot will emulate a bed the best it can.

The best tent cots will provide a lot more unique features that will enhance your camping experience!

We have tried to include diverse options that vary in price, features, and space. There is surely a tent cot for everyone! We hope this review helped you. Have a camp-tastic time out there!