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Where Is the Best Mountain Biking in the World?

Are you a fan of outdoor activities looking for the greatest places to mountain bike? If so, look no further. From North America to Europe, Asia and South America – our list of top destinations offers something for everyone who loves mountain biking. Whether you’re after breathtaking scenery or thrilling downhill rides, there’s something here for everyone. So get ready to explore where is the best mountain biking in the world.

North America

Mountain biking in North America is an adventure like no other. From the rocky terrain of Canada to the flow trails of Mexico, there’s something for every type of mountain biker. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced rider, these spots have it all.

Canada has some incredible bike parks that offer marked trails and plenty of challenging terrain. The Western side is home to Whistler Bike Park which features over 200km of downhill runs with stunning views and technical sections. For those looking for more cross-country riding, British Columbia also offers plenty of options including local shops where riders can rent fat bikes and explore the backcountry.

The United States is full of great mountain biking locations as well, especially on the West Coast. Park City in Utah has miles upon miles of trails ranging from easy beginner loops to gnarly expert lines; perfect for any level rider. For the more experienced and daring mountain biker, Mammoth Mountain Bike Park in California offers a thrilling array of jumps and descents.

Finally, Mexico offers some fantastic opportunities too. With its warm climate and variety of terrains ranging from desert sand dunes to tropical jungles, this country should definitely be on your list if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience. There are many local shops where you can rent bikes or get advice about nearby routes so don’t forget to take advantage when visiting this area.

From exploring the wilds of Canada’s Rocky Mountains to shredding down Mexican deserts, North America has it all when it comes to mountain biking adventures. For those with a passion for pedaling, North America has numerous trails to explore and conquer.

North America boasts a plethora of thrilling mountain biking trails, boasting diverse terrain and scenery to accommodate riders of all skill levels. For those looking to explore Europe’s best mountain biking destinations, there are plenty of exciting options as well.


Europe is a great destination for mountain bikers, offering diverse terrain and challenging trails. France’s varied landscape, ranging from rolling hills to rocky mountains and idyllic countryside, provides an ideal backdrop for mountain biking. The French Alps offer some of the most breathtaking views in Europe, with marked trails suitable for all levels of experience. Switzerland has a wide range of biking options from technical single track to flowy downhill runs. Local bike rental outlets are available to assist with exploring the various cycling routes in the area, as well as offering advice on what trails best suit one’s skill level. Italy also offers some great mountain biking opportunities including trails through the Dolomites and Apennines Mountains as well as beautiful coastal rides along the Mediterranean Sea.

For experienced riders looking for more extreme terrain, Whistler Bike Park in British Columbia is one of North America’s premier destinations with over 200km of marked trails ranging from beginner-friendly green runs to expert-level black diamond descents. Park City Mountain Resort in Utah offers similar terrain with an added bonus: access to miles upon miles of backcountry singletrack that will challenge even the most seasoned riders.

If fat biking is your thing then head up north into Canada’s Rocky Mountains where there are plenty of snowshoeing and winter riding opportunities available throughout western side – perfect if you’re looking for something different during those cold months. Local shops like Banff Trail Riders offer guided tours so you don’t have to worry about getting lost out there.

No matter what type of rider you are or what level experience you have, Europe has something special waiting just around every corner; it is no wonder why it is such a popular destination amongst cyclists worldwide.

Europe offers a wealth of thrilling mountain biking experiences, with its varied landscapes and breathtaking sights. Despite Europe’s beautiful mountain biking trails, Asia offers some of the best in the world.


Mountain biking in Asia is a thrilling experience for experienced riders. From the rocky mountains of China to the flow trails of Japan, this continent offers some of the most varied terrain and challenge levels available.

China has an abundance of mountain bike trails that range from easy to expert difficulty. The western side of China offers plenty of marked trails as well as several bike parks with a variety of features like jumps, drops, and berms. Local shops are scattered throughout the country making it easier to rent or purchase bikes if needed.

India also provides many options for those looking for an adventure on two wheels. Mountain bikers can explore their way through various terrains including forests, riverside roads, meadows and more while taking in breathtaking views along the way. Experienced riders should consider tackling some technical climbs and descents during their journey too.

Japan is home to one of North America’s premier bike parks – Whistler Bike Park – which features over 400 miles (644 km) worth of downhill runs ranging from beginner-friendly green runs all the way up to double black diamond pro lines for experts only. Additionally, fat bikes have become increasingly popular in Japan due to its snow-covered winters; allowing bikers access to untouched powdery slopes all year round. For those who don’t want such extreme conditions there are still plenty other local spots with marked trails that offer both scenic rides as well as challenging ones depending on your preference. No matter the destination, there’s always a nearby store to help with whatever needs you have.

Overall, Asia has something special waiting around every corner when it comes to mountain biking. Whether you’re looking for stunning scenery or adrenaline-pumping thrills, this continent won’t disappoint any rider willing enough to take it on.

The Far East furnishes an extensive range of terrains and routes for those who like to take their biking up the mountains, from China’s verdant jungles to India’s formidable peaks. South America is no exception; its diverse landscape provides an array of thrilling rides that are sure to excite any adventure-seeking mountain biker.

South America

In Brazil, mountain biking aficionados can find a range of terrain from gentle trails to challenging obstacles. From its thick jungles and balmy woodlands, to the towering mountains and meandering hills, this nation offers something for everyone. Beginners can enjoy easy trails that wind through the countryside, while experienced riders can tackle more technical routes with plenty of obstacles. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or just looking for an enjoyable ride, there are plenty of options available in Brazil.


Argentina offers a wide variety of terrain for mountain bikers. The Andes Mountains offer challenging climbs and exhilarating descents, while other areas have flat plains perfect for leisurely rides. There are also numerous trails winding through national parks where riders can take in stunning views as they pedal their way across the landscape. For those looking to push themselves to their limits, there are several downhill courses available throughout Argentina as well.

Peru is another great destination for mountain biking enthusiasts who want to explore South America on two wheels. With its diverse topography ranging from desert valleys and rocky plateaus to snow-capped peaks, Peru provides endless opportunities for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike. Experienced cyclists will find countless technical trails full of tight turns and steep drops; meanwhile beginners can stick with easier routes that feature gentler slopes along riverside paths or dirt roads surrounded by breathtaking landscapes dotted with Incan ruins.

FAQs in Relation to Where is the Best Mountain Biking in the World

What is the mountain biking capital of the world?

The mountain biking capital of the world is undoubtedly Moab, Utah. Situated amidst picturesque red rock terrain, Moab is renowned as the global hub for mountain biking trails of varying levels of difficulty. From beginner to expert level single track, technical terrain and sandstone slickrock – it has something for everyone. With its vast network of trails spanning over 300 miles, a variety of bike shops and rental services available as well as camping spots close to many trailheads – this destination is sure to satisfy any mountain biker’s needs.

Where is the best place to live mountain biking?

Where to find the ultimate mountain biking experience varies depending on one’s desired terrain. For those who prefer flat and easy trails, places like Florida or Arizona have plenty of options. If you’re looking for more technical and challenging rides, then states like Colorado, Utah, California and North Carolina offer some great spots with varied landscapes. Additionally, if you want to experience something truly unique in terms of terrain and elevation changes then British Columbia is a great option as it has world-class trails that span from sea level all the way up into alpine regions.

What country has the most mountain bikers?

The US boasts the most mountain biking aficionados on Earth, with a tally of 25 million riders. A recent survey conducted by Bicycle Retailer and Industry News revealed that the US boasts a whopping 25 million mountain bikers, far exceeding any other nation’s tally with Canada following close behind at 11 million. This is more than double that of any other country, with Canada coming in second at 11 million riders. Mountain biking is growing rapidly as an outdoor activity due to its accessibility and affordability for all ages and abilities. With hundreds of trails across America, it’s no wonder why so many people have taken up this exciting sport.

What state has the best mountain biking?

Colorado is a top destination for mountain bikers looking to explore the US, offering an extensive variety of trails from simple to difficult levels plus awe-inspiring Rocky Mountain views. With its expansive network of trails, ranging from easy to expert level, and stunning Rocky Mountain views, it is no wonder that this state is a favorite among riders. There are plenty of bike parks as well for those who want an extra challenge or prefer more technical terrain. Colorado provides a variety of mountain biking opportunities, from thrilling explorations to tranquil rides with beautiful views.


From the Andes of South America to the Alps of Europe, there are countless places around the world where you can find some amazing mountain biking trails. No matter what kind of terrain and experience level you’re looking for, there is sure to be a place out there that will provide an unforgettable ride. So if you’ve been wondering “where is the best mountain biking in the world?” then look no further. It all boils down to individual inclination in the end, as far as selecting a destination that best meets your requirements.

Discover the best mountain biking spots around the world with our expert advice and reviews. Get ready to take your outdoor adventures to new heights!