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About ExIceMaiden

Hey there fellow outdoor enthusiasts! I’m Ken Hungerford, owner and operator of – a blog about all things outdoors.

I’m not your average desk-bound Joe, no sir! I love to escape the humdrum of modern life and take off into the wild for a good dose of fresh air and adventure. Whether it’s fishing in the Great Lakes, kayaking down rushing rivers, or mountain climbing deep in the Rockies, I always find myself seeking out new challenges and pushing my limits.

It was that same thrill of exploration that led me to create – a place where fellow adventurers can come and share their experiences. In tough times, it can sometimes be difficult to stay motivated; we all have those days when our minds tell us to stay put while our hearts yearn to explore. That’s where I come in: I offer stories and tips from my personal adventures as well as insights from other outdoor veterans that have faced similar challenges.

My mission for ExIceMaiden is twofold:

  1. To provide our readers with engaging content that inspires them to keep going on their own outdoor journeys; and
  2. To equip them with valuable knowledge so they can be better prepared for whatever challenge awaits them in the wilds

So if you are looking for advice on gear, safety tips, or just general wisdom on how to make the most out of your time outdoors, then ExIceMaiden is here for you!

C’mon out there and join me as we explore this big wide world together – let’s go see what trouble we can get into!