About Us

ExiceMaiden was born out of the need to be out and about, to fasten our shoelaces and embark on the journey of a lifetime – to explore the outdoors. Our philosophy stems from the age-old ideology of sharing one?s experiences with the community.?

We love the outdoors, but we love talking about it even more. We believe that our journey can help people be prepared for a variety of challenges that await them in the wild.?

As outdoor enthusiasts, our biggest challenge is to be ready in the face of adversity. And we understand that every outdoorsman has to face a similar challenge. So after years of crossing such hurdles, we decided to write about it.?

And that?s what we do. We write about all outdoor activities under the sun. From biking to trekking, you can find a corner for everything here at ExiceMaiden.?

Whether you?re looking for a well-protective biking helmet or a camping tent for the family outing, we got your back. The credibility of our blogs lies in our honest appreciation of the outdoors.?

We write our blogs with candor and suggest recommendations after testing them out in the field thoroughly. No matter what, you can count on ExiceMaiden to be absolutely truthful and veracious.?

We strive to make people fall in love with the great outdoors again. There is something beautiful about being one with nature, but it seems that the fast humdrum of life can rob you of that experience.?

So put on that helmet, and start paddling with confidence! Stick with us and see how nature brings a sense of stability to our lives.